Rio Rides Again

As I mentioned at the end of my last post- Rio got cleared for light riding by Amazing Vet on Monday.  Bursting full of excitement, I drove out there last night after work- hustling my dear hubby to drive faster the whole time. We had to stop at old barn first to grab my very heavy trunk to move it to new barn (only about 15 mins away). Trainer is maybe 100 lbs soaking wet so I try not to have her move my trunk anywhere- it is just too big!

After what felt like forever, we arrived. I love the new facility! I will do a full photo tour soon- but for now, here is the view as I pull into the drive…

Pretty, right?

I pulled Rio out of his stall to groom him, but as soon as I put the saddle pad on his back he kept turning to look at me, as if to say “What the heck are you doing?!”, it was truly hilarious. He looked so perplexed as I put the saddle on him and tightened the girth. You could definitely tell he thought he was in a for a good grooming then back in his stall for the night. Sorry not sorry Rio!

Look at this goofy face. I am obsessed with it.

He seemed pretty anxious as I led him to the arena. I began to have some second thoughts about being the first one back on him and was wondering if I should have asked Trainer to get on him first. Yes, I can be a whimp, don’t judge me! But then I remember how much I trust him so I relaxed.

Artistic girth tightening photo, good job hubby!

He was SOO good! Like super chill, walking around on a long rein. Not only was this his first ride in 5 1/2 weeks, but it was his first ride at a brand new facility, and he didn’t bat an eye. We walked around some trotted a lap each direction, walked some more, and then called it quits after about 15 mins.


I’m not happy at all. Not even a little bit.


I am really excited about the new facility as well, I can’t believe that we have 3 rings! The stalls are nice and roomy, and the horses seem really happy. Makes paying the board bill worth it (sorta).

Apparently my hubby is really into artistic girthing photos- evidence: our post ride loosening of the girth

I wasn’t scheduled to work until noon today, so I ran out there this morning for another quick ride and more pony time. Rio was great again today, and I am so freaking excited that we able to start getting back into shape. His leg isn’t TOTALLY healed yet, so we will be taking it easy for awhile, but it’s almost there!

THHANK YOU to everyone who sent good vibes and positive jingles our way. I am so thankfully that my boy recovered so quickly. Fingers crossed this is all behind us!



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  1. yay for riding again!!!! what a relief that Rio is getting back into the action! that wound was freakin nuts, but i guess it healed up almost as quickly as it arrived? anyway also can’t wait for the photo tour bc that facility looks gorgeous!

    1. It really has healed incredibly fast. I’ll take a pic of it tonight for my next post. It got so bad, so quickly, I an thrilled that is seemed to heal just as quickly!

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