Mud Media Overload


Who doesn’t love a post with basically no text and lots of pics and video? Hopefully not you, because that’s what you’re getting today.


Anyone else’s horse this dramatic about a cavalettis in the mud?! No? Just mine?

My moon and stars
When you and your barnmate accidently match for your lesson
Obligatory boot pic
Love this horse
When you friend convinced you to go out the night before and you’re struggling a bit and just need a sec
Post lesson brunch and mimosas with the best riding buddy, friend, and photog ever. All media credit goes to this lady!!!


Video! You can see we got a few close or a bit long to some spots, but it is a lot less dramatic then it’s been in the past so I am thrilled with the progress!

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  1. not sure if you muted the video or not because i’m watching at work, but it’s almost like i can HEAR her yelling “RIGHT SPUR!!!”

    but dang, look at those changes

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