2 Ponies for the Week

Let’s start with a few quick updates!

Cascai struts his stuff

I had a great hack with Rio on Monday. I have been struggling a bit with whether or not to use a flash on him. He still acts like a baby with his mouth, and wants to gape it when I put pressure on him to work harder, such as with the more collected canter we’ve been schooling lately. Since he will show in the hunter ring, I wasn’t sure that a flash was the answer. I’ve had his teeth done twice in the past year- so he should be comfortable on that front. I decided that I wanted to try a flash, just to remind him to accept the contact and not just try and avoid it. I am not planning on using it every ride, as I don’t want to become dependent on it. Rio had a soft mouth, I think he just needs to learn that avoidance isn’t the answer. I would really like your thoughts and input though- as I am not sure this is the best approach. Any advice is appreciated!

Rio demands carrots after being a good boy


After our ride I gave him a good conditioning rinse to prep him for his photo shoot on Tuesday morning. If you have any interest in pro equine photos and have not heard of Karinda Kinsler, then go check out her site now! Her work is stunning, as well as affordable! If you want FREE photos taken of your horse, check out her 365 days of horses project. You can apply to have your horse be apart of the project, and she will come shoot them, and feature them on her blog for free. After the shoot, you have the option to purchase some of the images if you want, but it’s not required. Anyway- Karinda photographed Rio for the project on Tuesday morning. I am beyond excited to see how the images turn out, and I cannot wait to purchase some for my home!


Cascai looks so handsome in his Bruno Delgrange bridle

My trainer is out of town on a much deserved vacay this week, so I have had the opportunity to school her jumper, Cascai. I rode him and Rio on Thursday, and they were both amazing. I got a few lead changes on Rio, which is very exciting. I am trying not to ask for too many right now, so every time he gets one I get so excited. I had a blast flatting Cascai- he is totally different from Rio, but a really enjoyable ride. I set my phone on a chair and videoed while I rode him, I edited out the “out of frame” parts. I tried to do the same with Rio, and took him over a little 3 jump bounce combo- but unfortunately I didn’t have the phone angled correctly and all I got was the tops of the standards LOL.

Cascai struts his stuff


CascaiKelly4.27.17 from Kelly on Vimeo.


Lesson tomorrow, I’m going to try setting my phone on a chair again to try and get some jump video, fingers crossed I don’t mess it up this time!


Loving the green Tailoreds with  brown boots

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