Doubting the Vision

I’m going to let you in on a little secret: Sometimes I doubt. I doubt that I have made the right decisions, that I am on the right path, and that I will be able to tell the difference. I try to push it down, but sometimes that seed of doubt creeps to the surface, like an ugly zit that just won’t go away!


Rio just got body clipped, isn’t he just the hunkiest?!


My new Kingsland breeches make me so happy


love the details


I want so badly for Rio to grow up to be my “ideal” show horse, that I worry that I am making mistakes that will keep him from becoming that super horse. I’ve never started my own baby horse, and I never realized how much pressure comes with it. If they develop bad habits, you can’t blame then on anyone but yourself LOL. I think I need to be happy with the horse I have right now (which I am, I love him!) lower my sky-high expectations, and trust the vision a bit more! #easiersaidthendone

Best baby horse ever

Long story short, I stopped during my lesson today, turned towards Trainer, and voiced my doubt loud and clear. I explained that I wasn’t seeing the vision and couldn’t figure out why we were doing such “jumper” type exercises. How was this going to make him a better hunter?

Let me just tell you- sometimes, when you are wrong, you are SO wrong. She patiently explained how every thing we are doing is going to help us make those hunter courses look and feel effortless, then proved it by having us do a nice long canter to  a decently sized oxer (compared to the small fences we were using in our exercises) and what do you know? Rio jumped the socks off that jump, easy as can be. We did it a few more times, and every time the distance was right there. Foot, please come here so you can meet Mouth.

In other news, my hubby went down to Austin this weekend to pick up this beauty! I am so excited to have it for horse shows and not have to pay those crazy rental fees anymore!

Beep beep!

Huge shout out to Trainer for talking me through the doubt and staying patient with me! And a big shout out to the best body clipper ever for doing such an awesome job on my boy!

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  1. That inner voice can be really loud. And it comes at you in such a dirty manner, not giving you any notice and quickly taking over your whole being. Hang in there and fight the doubt!

  2. Doubt is such an evil and persistent little thing. I think it is necessary though to keep you on point and moving the right direction. What really matters is that both of you are happy and healthy. The rest is just cake.

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