Hunky Hanoverian is back in action

After a month lay-up with a minor injury, (well not really minor, so much as a complication of a prior injury- maybe I’ll get into it another time), I am pleased to announce that Rio has had his riding ban lifted by Amazing Vet and has been given the go-ahead for light flat work. Considering I was expecting a minimum 2 month lay-up, those words were music to my ears.




Being the AA weeny that I occasionally am, I insisted that Trainer ride him first. Although I have begun to gain back some of the confidence of my youth in the past few months, and have realized that I can ride the occasional buck/spook without dire consequences, I still tend to hedge my bets and choose the safer alternative if it is readily available.

Rio and Gimmy prancing!

Luckily, I had the entire day off work, and therefore was able to spend the whole day at the barn. Trainer and I decided it would be best to turn Rio out in the arena with a few playmates to blow off some much needed steam before attempting to ride him. Due to vet restrictions, he has not been turned out in large spaces, or with other horses, for the past month. Watching him run, gallop, frolic, and play was food for my soul. He looked SO happy, and SO sound! The perfect combo.


Trainer is all smiles after first ride back

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