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Now that Rio is sticking to walk/trot on the trails this summer while we get some weight off him, I have returned to lessoning on lesson horses at my barn. I didn’t really realize until my first lesson back that I haven’t jumped since I broke my foot, over 5 months ago!

You know that phenomenon where when you haven’t done something in a long period of time, you stop missing it as much? That is what had happened to me with jumping. I really didn’t miss it, and wasn’t in a huge hurry to get back to it. I was just enjoying saddle time with Rio, and figured we would jump when he was ready. Once that time line was pushed back considerably though, I would probably enjoy some jump lessons. I went ahead an scheduled one, but I was still feeling a bit ambivalent about it. Not because I don’t love my barn or trainer, but I think because moving back to a lesson horse from Rio felt like taking a step backwards.

I got to the barn last week for my first lesson back and was very excited to see I had been assigned Spidey,  my favorite lesson horse. The lesson consisted of just me and one other rider, a fellow Baylor alum that is several years younger then me. I was excited to be lessoning with her again, since we used to lesson together frequently. Spidey felt as good as ever, and we had a FANTASTIC lesson. As soon as we got going I had a moment of, “oh ya, I’ve missed this!” Jumping really where my heart is.

We did a fun little exercise where my trainer had us each jump a long bending line and said to do it in whatever number of stride felt comfortable. Spidey being the rock star he is, did it in a lovely flowing 10. Then we were told to do it again but this time in 8 strides, and then again in 12. Although very doable, I totally chickened out on my first 8 when I realized I wasn’t quiteeeeee making it and threw in a glorious chip. Evidence below:

After finally getting the 8 we got to do the 12 stride, which was much easier (I like the add anyway, and Spidey is very compressible). We also followed up by doing another shorter bending line also with the add which rode nicely.

I lessoned again last night (also on Spidey) and we did a very fun and technical course full of small rollbacks. Sorry no media, it felt like 102 outside and I draw the line at attempting video in that heat LOL. Although my love for jumping has been reignited, I’m saving weekend for Rio time and plan to hack him out both days this weekend. I didn’t see him last week since I was in Maryland, so I’m excited to see how his diet is working and out the weight tape on him!

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