Plugging Along

Everything is quiet in Rio land lately. The rain continues to fall in Texas this week, but not quite as frequently/intensely as last week. Although the ground is already incredibly saturated, our arena seems to be holding strong and we are still able to work, thankfully!

When his trot game is on point it’s super fun to ride

I hacked yesterday morning, and although I wasn’t 100% satisfied with our trot work, the canter felt great. I think Rio was just a bit wiggly in the trot because he hadn’t been turned out yet that day (and no night turnout the night before due to the rain), but he was trying to be a good boy and he keep it together. His trot is usually super rhythmic and feels like it’s on auto pilot lately, but on other days he can trot around like a drunk 5 yr old. It is so funny that I can’t help but laugh when he gets like that. It is like he has temporarily forgotten that he is a GROWN horse and not a baby anymore. I guess that’s 7 yr  olds for you!

Definitely hasn’t completely outgrown the teenage awkward years!

I am looking forward to a lesson this evening, and then another on Saturday. The rest of the barn leaves for a show in Houston on Monday. Rio and I will be joining, but not until the following week. I just can’t swing 2 weeks with my work schedule and other non-horsey commitments, plus I am pretty sure my bank account would have a heart attack.

Also on the docket for this weekend is body clipping. I am dreading it, but it must be done. I am not that great at it, so I need a bit of time for it to grow-out before the show and hopefully camouflage any imperfections. Don’t worry, I will take before and after photos, so the entire internet can judge my clipping skills LOL!

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  1. I too love Rio’s trot he is so beautiful when he is engaged like that!! Good luck clipping i wouldnt dare try it myself it would take more than a week to grow out 🙂 HA…

    glad you have another show soon but understand with work and bank account. Jeez I always wonder how some of these people go to shows nonstop! Have fun though when you go.

    And we have your rain now Texas, want it back?? 🙂

    1. I also wonder how people go to shows non-stop, believe me! How do people have enough PTO? Money? Emotional health? Ahahaha I wish I knew!!! P.S. clipping isn’t as hard as it seems, promise! it’s pretty hard to mess up if you are using sharp blades. And NO we don’t want your TN rain in TX. We have enough of our own TYVM!

  2. If you clip 7-10 days in advance any lines should be gone by the time you’re showing! I always look forward to it, and promptly curse it afterwards when I inevitably get hair all over myself lol

  3. Yay! Another show soon!
    Good for you for clipping your own horse. I used to, and was starting to get pretty good at it even, but my allergies have gotten worse. So now I cop out and pay someone to do it.
    Glad to hear things are plugging along for you two!

    1. Total honesty- If I wasn’t trying to squeeze in 2 more shows before the end of the season (RIP bank account) then I probably would just pay the head groom at our barn to do it buttttt I’m #horsepoor so that’s that! Whether I get poor enough to do my own braiding remains to be seen… the show we are doing in 2 weeks is actually a bigger deal (better attended etc) then the last one I did so I want amazing braids for that one, but if I make it to the next next one (early December) I swear I’m going to braid myself!!!

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