Product Review: Noble Outfitters Madison Show Shirt

I haven’t exactly spent much time in the show ring lately, but that doesn’t mean I can’t stock up on all things show apparel right?! Back in June I bought an AA MotionLite Show Coat, and around the same time I snagged a new show shirt. Up until now, I have only had Essex brand show shirts, and firmly held the belief that those were the “best”. I really never thought about giving another brand a chance, much less Noble Outfitters.



Is that disdain you hear in my voice as I say “Noble Outfitters”? Well…. maybe. I honestly have no idea why I don’t perceive them as a brand I would like, so I am going to blame it on their marketing. Something must not be speaking to me. It might be the neon-ish colors and the tendency to be more athletic looking apparel that just isn’t my style. I like classic and traditional, yet with modern fabrics and good tailoring. When I saw the Noble Outfitters Madison Show Shirt on Tack of the Day a few months ago for a good price ($40 or $50 I can’t exactly remember), I decided to try one. I had been wanting a show shirt with some color, and LOVED the seaport color they had available.




When it arrived, I was immediately REALLY impressed. My first thought was, “I had NO idea Noble Outfitters stuff was this nice!” Everything from the construction, to the fabric, to the overall styling had me drooling. I immediately regretted not getting more while they were on sale.




The fabric is soooo lightweight and stretchy! My essex signature collection show shirts have basically no stretch, and my talent yarns have a tiny bit, but the fabric is a bit heavy for Texas horse showing. The Noble Outfitters shirt is made with Opti-Dry technology for wicking moisture, has mesh sleeve pannels, and a HUGE mesh panel down the whole back.




The Madison shirt has a drop back hem (stays tucked in!) and princess seam side panels so it gives a super flattering fit that I love. I ordered a small which fits me great. For reference I can wear a 32/34 shirt in Essex signature, small in Talent Yarn, and S and M in Kastel.


3rd snap further up on the wrist of the shirt makes rolling up the sleeves way easier



Hidden buttons, snaps on the wrists (versus the buttons I have my Essex siganture show shirts), and an extra snap that make it easier to roll up your sleeves are all nice touches. There is a loop on the back of the neck for stock ties which dressage riders, eventers, and hunter derby riders a like will appreciate. I also love the color and the pattern on the collar and cuffs. #sopretty





A quick google search reveals that the typical price of this shirt to be $89. Would I pay that? Maybe. I am a mega deal hunter though so… if I find them on sale again I TOTALLY will buy more, because this shirt is now my absolute favorite show shirt, and would even school/clinic in it if I had a bunch. If you can snag one for $50-40 they are a GREAT value.



Questions/comments? I seriously want everyone to have to this shirt, it is that amazing. I am in no way associated with Noble Outfitters.


HUGE THANK YOU to MM for taking these amazing photos! And Reagan who unknowingly lent me her saddle because it was the only clean one LOL!

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  1. This shirt is so cute! I have one of their cowl neck sweatshirt things and I love it – next time I’m looking for a new show shirt I’ll definitely check them out!

  2. I love Noble Outfitters! I have quite a few of their products!!! You would be amazed at the quality and price – just ordered ANOTHER shirt from them last week!

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