2020 Holiday Gift Guide For Equestrians

Equestrian Holiday Gift Guide 2020

Hello everyone and welcome to my annual gift guide! I think we can all agree that 2020 has been a dumpster fire of a year, so let’s go out with a bang this holiday season. If you are buying for friends, family, or yourself, you can feel good about shopping from any of these companies. Not only are they quality products, they are all woman owned companies! Cheers to all the women entrepreneurs out there, I am amazed by what you do and am so happy to support your amazing companies.

In an effort to somewhat organize these great brands, I have tried to list them somewhat in order of price point. Of course, many of these brands offer items at many price points, so I did the best I could by focusing on their main products.

Dreamers & Schemers

If you have read my previous gift guides, D&S won’t be a new name to you. Joining my list for the 3rd year in a row, there are seriously some things you just can’t have enough of. Aiken to potato chips, you can’t just have one pair of these socks. D&S is always releasing new prints, and they seem to be getting cuter and cuter (which I never thought was possible!). New to 2020, you can also get face masks (including custom designs), neck gaiters, and Mane Jane products! Use code “amateurhour” to save 10% off your socks order.

You can even custom design boot socks with your barn name and logo- talk about a perfect gift for your barnmates!



Printable Pony

Want something custom at a crazy affordable price point? Check out Printable Pony! Owner Tracy, an amateur adult rider and new mom, creates professional and stylish designs on everything from notecards to binders to help you keep all your horsey records organized. A return client myself, she designed custom note cards with my barn logo for my trainer one Christmas. My trainer loved them so much, I got her more the next year! I’ve also purchased a horse binder for Rio, and several other stationary items for friends over the years. On a tight budget? Check out the free downloads section of her site! Use code “HUNKYHANO2020” for 20% off your order.



Equestriann Style

Cozy knitted hats in fun patterns and colorful wispy poms, what’s not to love about this boutique hand-made shop? Haling from upstate New York, Equestriann Style owner Ann knows a thing or two about staying warm in frigid temperatures. In an era where so many things are machine made over seas, I just love knowing that every piece you purchase from this shop is hand made with love right in NY. I have even gifted some of her items to beloved family members. Live somewhere where it’s balmy year-round? You should still check out her shop for absolutely adorable knitted pumpkins! You can use code HUNKYHAN10 to save 10% off your order.

PC: Jamie Brogdon
PC: Jamie Brogdon


Higher Standards Leather Care

Another great gift for the horse lovers in your life, Higher Standards leather cleaner is my go-to for keeping my boots and tack in perfect condition. These leather care products are hand crafted, and not only do they work incredibly well, they smell amazing. Who doesn’t want rosemary mint scented leather soap?? Higher Standards actually began as a holiday gift when amateur rider Libby was looking to make gifts for her barnmates. Soon after, a crush on an amazing horse (Karen O’Connor’s mount, Upstage) led her to send them a care package which included her homemade soap. A few months later the long time groom for Karen, Max Corcoran, reached out to Libby wanting to know where she could get more of the amazing soap! I’m so glad she decided to turn it into a business because Higher Standards is now my absolute favorite tack cleaner. Use code “HUNKY” for 20% off your entire order.



Equestrian AF Apparel

Equestrian AF was started in January of this year. Founder Amber, an adult ammy h/j rider, didn’t initially realize she was going to make her personal shirts into a business. She originally started making them for herself, but interest from her friends lead her to open on Etsy shop. Amber finds inspiration in creating street to stable clothes that highlight the lighter side of our wonderful sport. Her slogans are creative and catchy, and the metallic gold EqAF print found on most items is the perfect touch.  Be careful, this apparel line is so catchy and cozy that you won’t want just one!

PC: Jamie Brogdon
PC: Jamie Brogdon


Wellesley Equestrian

Is your equestrian BFF still using her brushes from 20 years ago? Nothing wrong with that (some of mine still have pony club labels on them!) but she might like an upgrade from Wellesley Equestrian. Also perfect for the friend who is constantly forgetting to put her crop away, Wellesley Equestrian offers stunning luxury personalized brushes and even monogramed crops. A full set would certainly endear even your worst enemy towards you (at $205), but there are plenty of a la carte options available for every budget. Wellesley also offers a full range of quality stables supplies, from gorgeous trunks to bridle racks, which would make any trainer or barn owner swoon!



Cavali Club

Cavali Club, a quarterly equestrian subscription box, is the perfect gift for the equestrian who either has everything, or even the one who is just starting out. It can also be a one time present with their gift box (one box only, no recurring subscription), or the gift that keeps on giving with an annual subscription. I’ve been a member for over  year now, and I’m still ridiculously excited every time a box arrives on my doorstep. Each box is carefully curated for the season, and has items from smaller companies and often brands you will recognize too. They have also been known to offer completely new items only available in the box. Who else was crazy excited to get an amazing ringside backpack made from all recycled materials in their fall box?! Use code “HUNKYHANO” for 15% off your order!



Oaklyn Tack

Speaking of recycled materials… did you that there is a gorgeous girth on the market that is made from recycled water & soda bottles? Yup! Meet Oaklyn Tack! The recycled polyester in these girths performs equally as well as 100% virgin polyester, but requires 58% less energy and emits 45% fewer greenhouse gases than virgin polyester! The price point is excellent too, and the girths are so gorgeous that top hunters around the country are showing in theirs, so this isn’t just a practice girth. Best part? You can also purchase interchangeable non-slip liners, and replacement wool liners if desired. I kid you not, the qualities on these girths is excellent, and I am head over heels for mine. Use code “holiday15” for 15% off.

PC: Jamie Brogdon


Boy O Boy Bridleworks

Even though Boy O Boy Bridleworks owner and creator Amanda was born and raised in New York City, she’s loved horses and ridden all my life. After college her family moved to Dublin, Ireland, where, as usual, she spent as much time as she could around horses. In love with the colorful ribbon browbands sported by the Irish horses and ponies, but not knowing where to buy the, she started making her own. After being questioned by friends and show competitors about where she got her ribbon browbands, she started making them for other people as well. Son after, belts, dog collars, and leashes were added to her repertoire upon request.

When asked where the name comes from, Amanda told me the following:

“There’s an old horseman’s proverb that goes something like, “Every rider gets one great horse.” If that’s the case, then smart, catlike Boy-O-Boy was my great horse. “Bob” is semi-retired now, but he’s still as ferocious a competitor with my daughter in the short-stirrup ring at the age of twenty as he was for me as a jumper at the age of six – or sixteen. Each of the main Boy-O-Boy Bridleworks weave patterns (like many of the color combinations) is named for the first horse to wear it. Boy-O-Boy was the first horse I made a ribbon browband for; because he started it all, I named the company after him.”

Use code 2020HOLIDAY for a 10% discount with a minimum of $50 on ready to ship items  through 12/31/20. Code is applicable on the website or Etsy store.

PC: SAS Equine Photography
This gorgeous belt was made by Boy O Boy for my friend Taylor out of one of her dad’s vintage Hermès ties!!


Botori Apparel

Designed for the active, modern equestrian, Botori apparel is made to be worn all day, in and out of the saddle. Riding tights that are designed with the equestrian in mind, but as comfy as my workout leggings? Sign me up! Another huge perk of the Botori tights is the 2 phone pockets- aka one for treats and one for your phone. For those die hard breeches fans, I know that the Botori tights have recently been winning over several of my friends! Priced at $120, these are certainly at a more accessible price point then most riding pants, and those don’t even usually come in camo print or have pockets! Use code “HUNKY10” to save 10% off your order.



Remarkable Leather Goods

A brand new business, Remarkable Leather Goods offers leather products that are hand-made in the USA and fully customizable. Yup, that means your in-between sizes horse can have a perfect fitting triple stitch leather halter without handing over a fortune. The white stitching is absolute perfection, and the high-quality nameplate are sourced from another small business. These halters are made with such high quality leather that they arrive soft and supple, no need for intensive oiling. In my opinion, they far exceed the quality of similar, and pricier, brands. Want an option that you don’t see on their website? Reach out to the owner, Olivia, who is more then happy to discuss creating the halter of your dreams.

PC: Jamie Brogdon
PC: Jamie Brogdon


Oakbark & Chrome

Born from shared enthusiasm of horses and fashion, Oakbark & Chrome offers handbags and accessories imbued with both. Their  products have been meticulously designed, tested and crafted for the equestrian life, and are the perfect way to add a hint of your passion to every day life. Their shoulder bag is the perfect bag for when you don’t want your purse weighing you down. It holds the necessities, but doesn’t turn into a dark pit from which your keys will never be found (admit it, we’ve all been their with giant bags!). I especially like them for traveling- I always feel like a cross body is a safer in a crowd, and I don’t have to worry about a big bag at my side tipping over a priceless sculpture. Send the link to your significant other, and he/she won’t disappoint on the gift front! If you are looking for a lower price point then the bags ($180), check out the ridiculously cute accessory keeper with a gold gilded horse on the front for $35. These are perfect you bestie who needs a place to store her jewelry at the barn. From 11/22-12/5 you can score a free multi-functional face cover with your $100 purchase. On Cyber Monday you can get 10% off your entire order too!

P.C. @thepositiveequestrian



The Tack Hack

If you are looking for Black Friday deals year-round, then The Tack Hack is the place to started. Created by adult ammy rider Lauren, her passion is bringing top-quality brands to the consumer at a deep discount. If you are thinking Tack Hack is only a consignment shop stop right there- over 90% of their inventory is new items! Tack Hack has all the brands you love for your horse and yourself (think everything from Bakers to Edgewoods and Cavalleria Toscana to Equilline). You can also expect top-notch customer service and adorable packaging. Basically, there is nothing not to love when shopping at the Tack Hack! Hint hint, if you are shopping for a male rider they currently have a GREAT collection of men’s apparel too! Use code “HACKTHEHOLIDAY” to save 20% off your entire order (excluding saddles).





All Ruespari belts are handcrafted in the USA, right next door to the Devon horse show. Owner and creator Adrienne is passionate about bringing high-quality and cruelty free products to the equestrian market, and she has done just that with her gorgeous belts, hip clutches, and Eqleisure line. Ruespari isn’t just for women, they also have collections for kids and men! Their motto,  “Be Flexible” is indicative of Ruespari’s stylish, functional, and versatile designs. Be sure to check out their gorgeous fal line for your holiday gifting needs!


Pumpkin spice belt and hip clutch P.C. Jamie Brogdon
Nantucket navy strip belt P.C. Jamie Brogdon


Solid Citizen

Megan, the owner & creator, was inspired to create Solid Citizen Equestrian after coming back to the sport three years ago. Particularly inspired by her fellow adult amateurs at the barn, she wanted to bring them clothes that would both fit and flatter without costing an arm and a leg. Megan knows that all of us adult ammies can agree that our horses come first, and what we wear comes second.  But, she also realizes the power that come from liking the way we we look in our clothes and how that confidence can translate into better, happier rides.  Solid Citizen Equestrian is a chic and accessible line created for the modern day equestrian. She is either coming to the barn from work, or leaves the barn to head to work, and wants to savor every moment she can with her Solid Citizen, so she dresses the part for both. Megan states, “My first Capsule is a line of easy to wear, easy to transition wardrobe staples in colors and bodies that seamlessly match with everything. My dream with Solid Citizen is to bring adult amateurs clothes that give them confidence without sacrificing any of their Solid Citizens budget.”





Women owned and designed by women for women, Anique is on a mission to provide functional and fashionable apparel that flatter’s a woman’s body. Anique believes you shouldn’t have to sacrifice your sense of style to be comfortable and active, and they have certainly achieved that goal with their gorgeous cooling sunshirts. Anique may be a small company, but they have big values:

We are all about empowering women and believe there is nothing more important to making the world a better place than being active and helping other people. We believe in human to human kindness and Kold Kids is just that. Human to human help. 10% of all company profits go to directly manufacturing warm clothing and outerwear for children living in cold climates and this clothing will be given to children directly from company leadership and staff. In a human to human interaction.

I am a huge fan of their shirts, and I continue to expand my collection whenever possible. You can use this link to save $20 on your next order (and in the spirit of total transparency, it will save me $20 too!)

Anique shirt paired with a Ruespari belt P.C. Jamie Brogdon
Anique shirts paired with a Ellany belts P.C. Jamie Brogdon




Tucker Tweed

Tucker Tweed is the gift you give someone you REALLY like. Everything from owner and creator Jill is the height of quality and luxury. She is also the nicest person in the entire world, and cares very deeply about supporting brick & mortar tack shops. If you want to splurge on a stunning purse that will last many years to come, then be sure to check out Tucker Tweed. If you want to share one of these gorgeous items but gifting  a purse isn’t in your budget, check out the wallets and wristlets. I have the wallet and I get so many compliments on it! It also gets beat-up regularly in my bag, and it still looks (and smells) brand new. Every equestrian loves that signature smell of high quality leather! I can’t recommend this brand and products enough for a truly wonderful gift option.

P.C. Jamie Brogdon

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