Botori Product Review

I’ve been wanting to do a Botori product review since I first got my hands on their products, but I wanted to use them for a bit so I could really get a feel for how they wear with everyday use. I’ll be going over the Adler breech tights, the Taylor riding pant, the Geo surcingle belt, the Diamond tech tee, and the Camo windbreaker.

**All photos in this post are courtesy of the fabulous Jamie Brogdon. **

botori product review
Adler breech and slide belt

Adler Breech Tight

  • $145
  • mid-ride, wide belt loops accommodate up to 2″ belt
  • 2 thigh pockets
  • UPF 50+ sun protection
  • Sz XS-XL (00-16/18)

This ‘breech tight’ is what first got me to try Botori products. You could say it was my gateway drug to more comfortable riding clothes. I’m late to the riding tights party because I still really wanted the traditional look of a breech. Stevie breeches got me hooked on having a phone pocket though, so the lure of 2 pockets on a tight breech that has belt loops was enough to draw me in. I am SO GLAD for it too. I live in these breeches. I don’t want to wear anything else. The comfort is unmatched. The functionality of 2 pockets is where it’s at. Best part? The belt loops make them pass for a much more traditional look.

The fabric has a bit of compression and combined with a mid-rise style makes these breeches super flattering. For size reference, I’m a 28 in other breeches, and the Adlers in size small fit me perfectly. The length is also SUPER if you have longer legs!

The ONLY drawback I have found after 2+ months of wear is the light tan color seems to get dirty easier then some of my other breeches. They wash perfectly though, so I have just learned to not wear them if I’m going to be doing a lot of heavy grooming/barn chores and need to look presentable for something non-horsey afterwards. The merlot on the other hand camouflages  dirt perfectly and and dust wipes off quickly and easily.


botori product review
Geo belt, tan Adler breeches, Diamond tech tee

botori product review

botori product review

Geo Surcingle Belt

  • $48
  • 2″ stretchy soft belt with surcingle clasp
  • Fits sizes 0-16

This adorable belt pairs perfectly with the Adler tan breeches and Diamond tee. Almost like they were made for each other…. and I assume they were LOL! This belt fits in perfectly with my belt collection and I really like how it brings together an otherwise somewhat plain outfit and gives it a sense of style.

botori product review
Diamond tech tee, Taylor pant, camo windbreaker

Diamond Tech Tee

  • $58, currently available for pre-order
  • Lattice mesh texture for capturing the breeze
  • Sz XS-XL

I used to be a die hard collard shirt rider, but I think having Rio at home has made me enjoy casual attire a bit more. The diamond tech tee looks great with the Adler breeches or the Taylors. It’s super lightweight without being clingy. I’m have a size medium, and I love the slightly relaxed fit. It seems to repel dirt. It dries super quick, but you also can’t really tell when it’s wet. It’s super functional for barn chores as well as riding, and transitions perfectly for running errands or going out to eat after a ride. I definitely find myself reaching for it all time and being disappointed when it’s in the laundry pile. Washes and dries perfectly without any special considerations.

botori product review
Taylor pants, Diamond tee, Camo windbreaker

botori product review

Taylor Riding Pant

  • $115
  • high-rise
  • Sz XXS-XL, with a 2″ longer inseam option available (SQUEE!)
  • UPF 60+ sun protection
  • Double layer mesh cuff bottoms, 2 mesh side pockets

I call these my incognito breeches. When I pair these with my diamond tech tee and you would NEVER know I’m going to ride. They are like the most comfortable tights/leggings you own, but with knee patches. The lightweight compression material is super flattering, and dirt brushes right off of them. I got these a bit dirty one afternoon while riding, and was heading to dinner without time to change. I got a slightly damp towel and skimmed over them and they looked perfectly clean again.

I have found that the lack of belt loops doesn’t bother me as much as I expected it might. They are just so versatile that I don’t mind it. I love these for casual trail riding days, because the comfort is unmatched. Well, the Adlers are just as comfortable honestly, but it just really depends on if you want a belt or not. If you don’t care about a belt, then these are the ultimate tights. They are so comfy that they will make you not care about belts too. I can’t think of a single drawback. They wash perfectly, and I let them air dry.


botori product review

botori product review

botori product review


botori product review

Camo Windbreaker

  • $59
  • Cropped style that can be folded into it’s own pocket
  • Water resistant, 1/4 zipper
  • Zipper locket, hood with mesh lining
  • Sz XS-XL

This is my first cropped item in recent memory, as well as camo print. At 33, I wasn’t sure a cropped style was for me before trying this windbreaker. Turns out- It’s HELLA CUTE! It’s soooo lightweight, it doesn’t feel like a traditional windbreaker. It’s been raining non-stop in TX, so I can vouch for the fact that it easily repels a light rain too. It has these adjustable a side elastic slider things so you can make it a bit more fitted, or leave it nice and open.

I’m not typically a camo person, but the light white camo pattern on this is so pretty and interesting. My friend Liana saw me wearing it when we rode the other day and exclaimed how adorable it was, and how she was pleased I was trying something new because it looked so good. She knows me, and knows ‘cropped camo’ isn’t usually my go-to. I am very fond of this jacket, and it has been living in my car going everywhere with me. I also feel the cropped style is great for riding- less bulk around the midsection when in the saddle!

Trail riding last Sunday in my Adlers and camo windbreaker


Melot Adlers with the slide belt


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  1. The customer service at Botori is AMAZING ! Love that you are reviewing products from small female owned stores

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