Botori Product Review

I’ve been wanting to do a Botori product review since I first got my hands on their products, but I wanted to use them for a bit so I could really get a feel for how they wear with everyday use. I’ll be going over the Adler breech tights, the Taylor riding pant, the Geo surcingle belt, the Diamond tech tee, and the Camo windbreaker.

**All photos in this post are courtesy of the fabulous Jamie Brogdon. **

botori product review
Adler breech and slide belt

Adler Breech Tight

  • $145
  • mid-ride, wide belt loops accommodate up to 2″ belt
  • 2 thigh pockets
  • UPF 50+ sun protection
  • Sz XS-XL (00-16/18)
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