I Can’t Even: Ground Poles of Doom

First of all, I have no riding media. I know, I am the worst. So sorry, promise to get some this week. I had a lesson Thursday with Trainer, and a another on Sunday with MM (who owns Scottie and works for Trainer, because Trainer is headed to KY for the next 2 weeks).

Thursday’s lesson was in the big jump ring which is always fun because there is a full course up there with big, nice jumps. Ah, the things that equestrians get excited about, such as what kind of jumps we get to jump LOL. Anyway- this was basically Rio’s first time over some of the jumps in this ring (a roll top, some boxes etc) and he was GREAT. Reallyyyy excited to  be jumping again, and actually a bit of a handful at times. So I do not know what is wrong, but my brain is seriously broken when it comes to ground lines in front of jumps. I see them, and literally just can’t think or ride at all.

how I feel about ground lines
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