Monogramming: Admitting you have a problem



Monogramming is a lifestyle.

Monogramming is a lifestyle choice.

Monogramming is a choice.

Monogramming is a choice I make.

Monogramming is a choice I make all the time.

Wait. Am I obsessed with monogramming? Is it a ‘problem’?

Scrim sheet monogram is totally normal and not a sign of a probelm


Let’s investigate.

I really kicked off the monogramming a few years ago when I was in a large barn where everyone’s stuff looked the same, and things tended to go missing, just because-big barn, lots of boarders. It started with the normal stuff- trunk covers, towels to cover your trunk covers, saddle pads etc.




Then one saddle pad turn into 2, which turned into basically every pad I own. This is due to the introduction of Monogram Lady into my life. She lives very near me and will monogram anything I bring to her. This has resulted in the quick depletion of my bank account.


One monogrammed pad is totally normal…


This is not even 50% of the monogrammed pads I own. I am starting to recognize this as an obsession, aka a possible problem                                                   



Embroidered monograms started to not be enough for me. I needed more. This led to an on-line search for niche equine sites that offer engraved monograms. When I couldn’t find exactly what I wanted, I settled for my basic initials.


Who wouldn’t want these adorable personalized saddle and bridle plates?!? This is totally normal and not a problem #swankysaddle



I mean… monograms look good on everything equestrian. It’s really a shame that I reside in hunter land. It’s way harder to adorn everything in monograms. I have to keep them small, like on wrap collar show shirts. Whether they are in style or not, I will ALWAYS monogram my show shirts, regardless.


The only appropriate place to sneak a monogram in show hunter attire #noshame


Way easier to sneak a monogram into the jumper ring. Too bad I rarely frequent it.



My monogramming story didn’t end with things that are easy to monogram.

Oh no, that would be too easy. I took it further.

Monogram decals on Etsy are my LIFE. Like, whatever genius came up with them deserves an award. Until then, I’ll continue to throw my money at them.


Practice helmet monogram. Because, hunter land and all. I draw that line at helmet monograms for shows.


I mentioned that I used to board at a big barn right? What grows legs and walk off CONSTANTLY at large barns?


That’s right- crops! You’d think that writing on them in sharpie would be good enough, right? Wrong. People can cover up sharpie. And sharpie fades over time. You know what is hard to cover up? Vinyl monograms! The trick to keeping them on for all of eternity is to cover them with a few coats of clear nail polish, you are welcome.


Not pictured:  my gloves, spur straps, jump boots, brushes etc- all of which also have these tiny monograms on them, obvi



My monogramming obsession  love  has grown so intense that it has started to carry over to other areas of my life.

Like, my non-horsey life. See examples below:


Not a horsey sweater. Yes that is my ridiculously good looking husband.


Yes, these are work items. I insisted everyone at my work buy matching monogram mouse pads so we know who’s workstation is who’s. They don’t hate it.

I continuously find places to put monograms. Hats, belts, shirts, jackets, etc. If you can put a monogram on it, I almost always do.


Monogramming is rough when you change your name- these are pre-marriage. This can make for confusing monogramming. Thankfully, I ruined the jacket by leaving it on a candle. I still wear the hat.


Everything is prettier with a monogram. #fact


Must have a monogrammed belt in every color. I don’t think that’s excessive… right?


It is not unusual to open my trunk and see a plethora of monograms. Not weird at all. Totally normal.

I mean, that’s not THAT many monograms. This is like… 1/3 of my monogrammed stuff. Totally not that much. And not weird. I embrace this lifestyle. It’s not like I have monogrammed underwear… do they make monogrammed underwear? Because that would actually be really cute…



Monogramming is a lifestyle and I’m sticking with it. I do NOT have a problem!!!



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