Saturdays are for riding


There is no better feeling then having an entire day to spend at the barn, for as long as you please. Am I right, or am I right? I get to revert back to my childhood, and I never have to check the time to make sure I’m not running behind. Leisurely barn days are basically what I live for. Barn days are almost as good as horse shows, which are obviously superior because you get to submerse yourself into the vortex of “horse-show time”, which we all know is a multi-day time zone entirely to itself where you never have to think of the outside world.



This Saturday was no different. Other then promising the hubby I’d be home by 4 (ish), I had the entire day to spend at the barn. I started the morning by riding Rio (!!!!!) for only the 2nd time since his month of vacay. We are on strict orders from Amazing Vet to only flat lightly and not due any circles/tight turns. But still- SO FUN. I love him so much and missed riding him.


Let me introduce you to Rio officially. He is a GOOF. He is a 5 yr old American bred Hanoverian by Sonntagskind out of Sandro Hit. His is like 17.2 or 3 and alllll legs. Like, legs for days. I’m hoping he widens with age, because currently his chest is as narrow as a 2 yr old TB, aka super narrow, which is pretty comical when you see how tall he is. Training-wise, he basically goes like a gangly baby that isn’t quite sure what to do with all 4 of his legs. He has a heart of gold though, and tries very hard to understand what I want. Moments of brilliance occasionally shine through, and I cannot wait to really get him muscled up this spring. He has a lovely jump when he can figure out where to put his feet, and I hope to get him started on changes this spring. Anyway- I’m bad and don’t have any riding pics/video of Rio from Saturday, but I will get some next time. In the meantime- enjoy   this video of us from December:


Rio.12.23.2016 from Kelly on Vimeo.


After flatting Rio and spending the appropriate amount of time doting on him, I got Cascai ready for my lesson. Cascai is my trainer’s jumper who is a super star. Getting to a have a lesson on “your trainer’s horse” is always exciting/comes with a certain amount of pressure. I was mostly just giddy.



He is a totally different ride then the more hunter-type ride that I am used to, but OMFG he is so amazing. Like- the kind of horse everyone wants to buy. He gives you the feeling that you can jump ANYTHING. He has the incredible power off of the ground, where you never worry if you will ‘make it’ or not. Sometimes I have to tell my inner AA wussy to shut up when I jump anything bigger then 3 ft, because, you know, nerves and all, but not on Cascai. He made me feel like I could do anything. Like I said, he’s literally the kind of horse everyone wants to own. These days, I rarely school anything larger then 2’9 (baby horse and all) and Cascai made me feel like I could go do the High Adults. He’s that awesome.


Lesson on Cascai from Kelly on Vimeo.


Cascai is handsome and he knows it


And Rio is the handsomest coof around


Anyway- this Saturday was obviously a barn days success. And I was only 12 minutes late getting home. I’m finally getting better at estimating barn time. What about you guys??






Rio picture tax   because he is so handsome and gets uber jealous when I ride other horses.

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