Video from Ft. Worth H/J Show

I’m always super impressed with all the junior riders with their IG accounts full of snazzy video edits. Where do kids learn these things?!? Seriously, it makes me feel out of touch with technology.


Ft. Worth H/J show
and all your video edits!


Deciding to do something about it, I downloaded an app and spent some time going through the tutorials. GUESS WHAT. It’s not that hard. I mean, it’s definitely kind of annoying, and my edit is definitely not as good as all the awesome ones populating junior’s accounts, but I digress, it’s a start right?!?


For all my readers who didn’t have endless amounts of time to watch all the show videos I posted (Ft. Worth H/J Show Adult Amateurs), here is a short 37 second edit mash-up from some of my rounds at the Ft. Worth H/J Show.



Only 1.5 weeks until Waco Week 2! Who else will be there?? Rio will be doing the 3ft greens again with Trainer Julie Wed & Thur, and the AA’s with me Sat and Sun.

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