Drum roll please……


Ready for it?!



TAH DAH!!! Rio is officially a riding horse again. He kept turning his head and looking at me when I put the saddle on his back, obviously confused. Rio’s wounds are doing so well that we got cleared for very light riding! His right hind is almost totally healed. The left hind may still take a bit, but I keep it covered with telfa, vet wrap, and a neoprene Thin Line bell boot to protect it for rides, and then put a full wrap on it after we are done. I keep the right hind covered with a telfa and gauze wrap, and cover that with a combo fleece/elastic polo wrap, which I feel is more protective then just a traditional polo wrap.




He was seriously SO GOOD for our ride. Not gonna lie, I was nervous. Young horse that hasn’t been ridden in 7 weeks, and hasn’t been turned out in a few days because of rain? Turns out I had nothing to fear, Rio was PERFECT. Not a single spook. Lots of calm walking. He did get a little frisky when I attempted a little bit of trot in the long side, in a playful head tossing going to go sideways kind of way, but nothing nefarious at all. I LOVE HIM SO MUCH.


GIANT thank you to everyone for all of your support! I am so incredibly excited to be back on track with my boy!

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