Spanish Tack Shop Adventure

While on my vacay, I was secretly plotting to go to a Spanish tack shop. I say secretly plotting, because I knew if I made it a ‘big deal’ and tried to place a heavy focus on going to one, my dear sweet hubby would balk. After all, this was our vacation, and not supposed to be horsey centered. He had already agreed to let me book a riding tour in the Andalusian country side, so I didn’t want to push my luck.



But, this didn’t stop me from googling tack shops in each city we visited. Our longest stay in was in Seville (3 nights). I discovered that there was a smallish but totally adorable looking tack shop about a 15 minute walk from our hotel, right next to the bull fighting ring. Although I am not a fan of the Spanish tradition that is bull fighting, and it wasn’t even bull fighting season, I sneakily steered our wandering walk through the city in that general direction. We literally stumbled upon it, and I so gleefully jetted in before the hubby could stop me.

The shop was called El Molino, which translates to “The Windmill”. Ok? Unclear. Moving on.


The tall boots toward the right of the shelf are all DeNiro!


I was familiar with several brands, but some were foreign to me. The shop also had some Spanish style tack, and carriage driving stuff. There was also Anky and Horze brand products, as well as some Veredus carbon front boots that I almost come home with because they were a solid $80 cheaper then in the US.




I didn’t pay too close attention to the saddles, but they predominately looked fairly low-end. I was surprised to see several Bates brand saddles. The bridles looked pretty nice, but they were up high on the walls, and since I knew I wasn’t going to buy one I didn’t want to make a fuss about getting them down.




Let’s be real- I do not NEED anything horse related. BUT- I really wanted something to remember the trip by, so what better then a new pair of breeches? They had several different styles of well priced Harcour breeches, so I decided to try some on. At this point, Hubby knew that resistance was futile, and he stood outside the dressing room with credit card in hand. I did mention he is the BEST, right?



Thankfully, I snapped a pic of the breeches I bought at the hotel our last night in Spain to send to a friend, as it is the only memento I ended up with. After this, tragedy struck. The breeches didn’t make it back to the US with me. When I got home, I noticed that my luggage was noticeable disheveled, like it had been searched. There was no note in there from customs, which is customary when they search your luggage for whatever reason. I was perplexed, but didn’t think much of it.


The next day I had a lesson, so I went to grab my new breeches, and I that is when I realized they weren’t there. Anywhere. Could I have left them in the hotel? We packed everything the night before, and both the hubby and I were super methodical and packed up everything neatly while wide awake and not in a rush. We also both double check hotel rooms when we leave to make sure nothing is left behind, which we did in the morning. The hubby emailed the Hilton right away to see if anything was found in the room, and they said no.


Me. Mourning the loss of my breeches.


The breeches were in the tack shop shopping bag in my suitcase with the tags still attached, clearly showing the price (approx $120 USD). Unfortunately, I am afraid they were swiped at the airport, of which we were at about 3 hours before our flight. Maybe I am wrong, and they somehow got left at the hotel and weren’t turned in, but I also know that my bag had clearly been hastily rummaged through. I am disappointed  for sure, but unfortunately there is nothing to do about it.


Next time we go to Europe, I am going to make a bigger effort to find an awesome tack shop, and bring a shopping list!


My old Antares is out on trial this week, and I have decided that if it sells I mayyyy treat myself to a new pair of breeches to help soften the blow ;).





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  1. that sucks hugely. 🙁 I am so pissed for you. Someone riffled through my bag once but i only lost one flip flop in the occurrence. NO big deal. LOL

    Glad you got to a tack store.

    I can’t believe they stole the breeches though. UGH i feel for you….

    1. Yesss it does suck. I am still pissed/annoyed/disappointed but also reminding myself that it’s just a pair of breeches and could be way worse!

  2. That is a sad story! I can’t believe that happened. And so weird they took breeches? Maybe just because the price was there, so knew what they were worth?
    Sad story aside, I’ve started buying a lot of things from overseas as even with higher shipping the prices are often better.

    1. I know right! I also thought it was so weird.

      Where are you shopping from?? I think I am going to try to put together an order from somewhere overseas soon if they exclude the VAT and the shipping is reasonable.

      1. I scour the interwebs! Often I just go through ebay because I like the buyer protection. But I’ve ordered from Cork Farm Equestrian and Tackville Int’l, both in the UK. I just got some new half pads from Ippico in New Zealand. I’ve never had to pay VAT, and usually the shipping isn’t too bad.
        Also, for some fun colorful things, check out Punk Ponies in New Zealand.

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