1 yr Anniversary

I’m a little late to the game on this one, but I couldn’t let this day pass without commemorating it- today (July 2nd) marks the one year anniversary of Rio being in my life! I may occasionally forgot my wedding anniversary, but I doubt I will ever forget the day I brought Rio home. Priorities, right?! In honor of this exciting occasion, here is a throwback with highlights from our first year together!


First ride on Rio- when I went to go try him. I was instantly in love- even though he was a gangly green been baby

Rio6.24.16 from Kelly W on Vimeo.

We didn’t really have a handle on leads at this point…

Rio6.24.16 from Kelly W on Vimeo.



Picked up the trailer from my parents, all ready to pick up the new pon tomorrow!



Officially brought the hunky hanoverian home. He did not fit in the front compartment of my slant load trailer LOL. Definitely one of the happiest days of my life.



Our first ride together. No leads, and basically only a hand-gallop instead of a canter, but he has SO clam and chill about his new situation, I could already tell what an amazing brain he had.



After spending a few weeks just getting to know each other, we officially started jump training. His first time doing gymnastics!

Rio7.30.2016 from Kelly W on Vimeo.



Showing Rio the new outdoor arena. He thought the construction equipment was maybe a tiny bit scary.



Sleepy pony adores naps


Sept-Oct 2016

Rio had some vet issues from an arena on his medial LH that he was interfering with and had minor surgery and spent some time on stall rest.


Playing together in the arena after one of Rio’s first rides back after his time off.

Rio10.27.17 from Kelly W on Vimeo.



Post-lesson smiles. Glad that Rio is consistently back and work on progressing again!



Rio and I in our last lesson with our old trainer. Starting to get the hang of small courses!

Rio.12.23.2016 from Kelly W on Vimeo.



First day at the new barn with new trainer! #ValiantFarms



Rio decides an emergency farm call is in order and cut his eye on his bucket… SMH



First gallop in the big back pasture

Equestrian tack leather halter

Video of our little romp:

Rio2.11.172 from Kelly W on Vimeo.



First horse show, and first ribbon ever- 2nd in the Eq Flat



First time going over XC type jumps

Rio4.1.17 from Kelly W on Vimeo.



First H/J show where I did a whole division (2’6 Jr/Am), nailed every lead change, first ribbons over fences

RioValhallaOF2 from Kelly W on Vimeo.


A week after this show Rio got hurt again (spider bite). He has just this week been started back under saddle after 5 1/2 weeks off, and is doing great!


Rio6.30.17 from Kelly W on Vimeo.


Despite several set-backs, this has been an incredible first year of adult horse ownership. I love Rio to pieces- he really is my dream horse. I am hoping that year 2 has a few less vet bills, and a few more show bills! I can’t wait to create new memories <3!

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  1. happy 1 year! as a newer reader this was a great way to get caught up with what you guys have been up to – he is just such a cool horse! looks like a very chill laid back guy, but also reeeeeally easy on the eyes haha. those medical set backs are frustrating but it’s great to see him come back so well each time! can’t wait to see what the next year brings!

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