Who Can Build an Ark?

Texas has been out of control this past week/weekend. We got something like 8 inches of rain in 2 days. Flash flood warnings out the wazoo. My phone woke me up screaming FOUR TIMES Friday night. Like, way to ruin a good night’s sleep!

Proof I’m not exaggerating about all the rain


Anyway, after all those flash flood warnings I was not holding my breath for my 10 am jump lesson on Saturday. Sure enough, my phone buzzes around 7:30 and it’s Trainer Stacie saying the arena is under water. We are blessed with INCREDIBLE footing that can take a ton of rain, but underwater is just not feasible. Finger’s crossed for lessons on Sunday, I found myself with a very free Saturday.

Some major laundry/organizing took place, as well as some projects I’ve been meaning to get to for months. My guest bedroom is equestrian themed (aka where I put all the horse stuff that I can’t help but buy) , and I’ve been meaning to print photos of Rio for agesssss. I finally got around to organizing and ordering them, and stumbled across these from a photo shoot we did this spring.

King of side eye


Rio was PISSED the entire photo shoot (you can read about the shoot with Terri Cage Photography if you missed it), and although we got some truly LOVELY photos, there are also some real gems in there, which I realized I haven’t shared.

“MOMMMM. I HATE this mom. I hate this, and I hate youuuuuu!”


“I’m warning you Mom, IMMA EAT YOU!
“Quit looking at me like that. You just wait, I’m gonna chew through this fake bit and ESCAPE. Just give me a sec.”


Rio may have been all sorts of furious, but I apparently pulled a tried and true mom move, and continued to smile like a maniac through all his tantrum antics.

In other news, Sunday lessons also got rained out. I am sad, because with a show on the near horizon I am feeling very under prepared. At the same time, it’s the first of 3 A shows I’m doing this fall, so I’ve decided to view it as a bit of a warm-up, and whatever happens happens. We are obviously not going to be super prepared, but at the same time sometimes you just gotta get out there and do it. Rio will be plenty fit, that’s not the problem. 3 ft is nothing for him too. It’s my own nerves that I will be battling. I feel like I need to do something a bunch of repititions to feel comfortable, but that’s out of the cards with this show quickly approaching. It’s ok, though, I’ve accepted it, I swear.


Anyone else have any fall shows on the horizon?

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  1. wow crazy weather for sure. I am glad you are still determined to show no matter what. and Rio’s side eyes are hilarious. He was NOT impressed at all was he???

    Is he all healed up now?? Must be if he is cleared to show…..You will do great.

    I hope to go to the CT at the end of October in Miss. My friend is trying to find an arena for us to haul to since the outdoor we were going to haul to is..you guessed it…under water 🙂 HA!

  2. It’s been SUCH a wet summer! I was hopeful it would dry out for autumn but no such luck. I haven’t seen the sun in 3 or 4 days. May have to start wearing fins and will myself to sprout gills!

  3. Ha! He does look pretty annoyed in most of those photos. Annoyed, but very handsome! And you look amazing!
    I can’t believe how much rain you’re all getting down there. We are getting dumped on now, but it’s a steady rain, not a torrential sky fall at least. Hope you get to practice some before the show! But you’ll be fine, and it’s a great plan to use it as practice and take some of that pressure off.

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