Rio Progress Update: In the homestretch

Great news on the Rio front. I am so happy to report that he is doing amazing! I’ve had a lot of time lately to go out and see him, so he has been getting super spoiled with love and attention. It is going to be a harsh turn of events for him when he realizes he is still a riding horse and not a a pampered pasture puff!

One happy pon in pastern deep grass

I threw him out in one of the large pastures on Sunday, knowing that I wanted to do some cleaning so I could keep half an eye on him. He has been getting turnout, but in a smaller paddock, so this was his first time in a large one in awhile. He was soooo happy, and frolicked around all excited for the first 15 minutes while getting a look at his new space. I noticed how incredibly shiny his coat looks- I guess the flax seed oil I put him on a few weeks ago is really helping!


Prisma app is so fun- can make any pic look like a work of art!


While Rio enjoyed some extra grazing time, I organized and cleaned to my heart’s content. I came armed with clorox wipes (my fave) and really dug into my trunk. We are moving barns next Monday, so I also had a little duct tape and sharpie labeling spree of all Rio’s stall accessories and such. It felt amazing.


After my little cleaning rampage, I brought Rio in for a rinse and a to change his bandage. His leg is looking so good that we have even been able to scale down to a smaller bandage. Considering we are going through about $40-50/week in bandaging supplies, my wallet is happy about this latest development. Last time I posted a Rio leg updated pic on 6/10 this is how it looked:


6/10/17 progress pic

8 days later…

Drum roll please….

duh dum

duh dummm

duh dummmmmmmmmmmmmmm


6/18 progress pic


Incredible right?!?!

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  1. You need to get a label maker. I’m OBSESSED with mine… I also have a machine that cranks out monograms and other fun deacls and I’m 100% more obsessed!

    1. Omg you have a machine that makes monograms?!? I’m constantly buying monogram decals off etsy. Like all my brushes have monograms, my jump boots, gloves, spur straps, I could go on. Pray tell- what does such a miraculous machine cost?

  2. Wow! Looks so much better. You have my sympathies for wound care this long! I’ve been in the same boat with my horse for the last 10 weeks – although fortunately we have been out of wraps now for about 3 weeks. Good luck! Hope he continues to heal well!

      1. Lacerated his pastern – then it got infected, sutures didn’t hold, etc. Fortunately I am a vet tech so I could get cheap bandage material – and then just wash the standing wraps that covered them.

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