Amateur Hour: An Equestrian Podcast

Who doesn’t love a good podcast? For those like me who spend way too much time in their car, audio books and podcasts can be a real life saver. I legit cannot stand radio DJ’s most days, so when I am tired of listening to NPR I switch to other options. I have tried listening to other question podcasts (The Plaidcast, Heels Down Happy Hour etc) but never really found one that clicked. When some of my instagram friends (who I consider real friends even if I haven’t met them in real life yet) and I started discussing the lack of an amateur centered equestrian podcast we had the crazy idea to do it ourselves.

So who are we? The hosts of Amateur Hour are a group of 5 horse crazy ladies. A mix of hunter/jumper and eventing, all we are missing is a token DQ. You can see our full bio’s on our facebook or IG account (@amateurhour_podcast). The hosts are:

  • Claire (@mdadultammy)
  • Olivia (@remarkablemare)
  • Jordan (@westphaliandreamer)
  • Taylor (@ecequestrian)
  • & myself!



None of us have ever done anything like this, so it has certainly been a learning experience, but a really fun one! My dear hubby has been doing all the editing (who knew those summers doing audio/video at church youth group would come in handy?) and we have all been muddling through organizing and coming up with content. Unsurprisingly, it isn’t hard for a group of equestrians to get together and talk horses.



We have released one episode, and recorded a 2nd (which will be released Monday 12/17!). We are already getting better, and having SO MUCH FUN. If you want to hear a bunch of adult amateur equestrians gab about topics in the equestrian world, give us a listen. You can find us on iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher, and Google Podcasts, just search for Amateur Hour: An Equestrian Podcast.

Topic suggestions? Drop a comment! We want to talk about what fellow equestrians want to hear. We want to try to make this things amazing, and are all ears for suggestions & feedback. Hope those of you who give us a listen enjoy it!

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