The Rehab Journey Begins

Hey guys! Long time no write, but I’m going to get my butt back into gear because I’m officially starting Rio’s rehab! His vet ok’d him to start trotting in September, and on 9/19 I took him to ride in an arena for the first time since… early last November. There isn’t an arena on my parents’ property, but there is a small boarding barn down the street. We are long time friends with the owner, and she ok’ed me to use it. I’m thankful that the footing is a bit on the firmer side- perfect for suspensory issues!

Rio was… “up” once we got in the ring. Although he’s been super chill on the trails, he definitely knew we were doing something different in the arena. After a nice long walk warm-up he finally relaxed enough to where I felt comfortable asking for some trot on straight lines. He definitely took this as a signal to do all the the things that are not trotting. Thankfully, my mom was there so I have video proof of his tiny tantrum antics.

Although I was a little annoyed by his antics, it was mostly because I don’t want him to hurt himself. When I have those thoughts I try to remind myself that he’s been in the pasture doing whatever he damn well pleases for 10 months. so a few steps of a tantrum aren’t any worse then when he comes galloping up for dinner or plays with his friends. Mostly, I was just really freaking excited to be riding him in a ring again with the intent to start doing some work, even if that work is tiny trot sets on straight lines.

First trot pic in 11 months

He has been barefoot this whole time, but now that real rehab is beginning I’ve lined up a farrier to come shoe him in a couple of weeks. Although my mom’s farrier is TERRIFIC, he only trims horses. My wonderful trainer recommended someone who agreed to come out to where Rio is, which I am so thankful for. It is HARD to find a reputable farrier willing to come to private properties these days for a single horse, and I was having nightmares of having to haul him to his old barn to get shod every 6 weeks. I call it a nightmare because it’s nearly impossible for me to get that much time away from work, and the farrier is rarely there on the weekends. Finding one who will come to me is a big weight off my shoulders.

Oh, and an anhidrosis update- Rio had done FABULOUSLY this summer. Normally stalled during the day and only on night turnout, I wasn’t sure how he’d handle being outside all the time. My parents’ barn is open and has fans and a misting system, but he didn’t spend much time in there according to my mom. Maybe 1/2 hour each day to cool off, but otherwise he was in the sun quite a bit. He seemed to sweat well all summer, and I never noticed the “panting” breathing. He did fine trail riding, even in pretty hot temps. I think I finally found the ticket with the Platinum Refresh supplement. A bit pricey, but definitely worth it! He continued sweating better then I’ve ever seen him sweat all summer. I’m so thrilled to have found something that actually helps him.

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  1. Glad things are going so well! I hope rehab goes smoothly and you guys can get back to hunter life!
    I hear you on the farrier. SO glad my guy is able to come out here, even if it’s just for one or two horses. Also nice, he shoes at the boarding barn too, so I can keep the same farrier year round.

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