Good Tidings: Rio Update

Rio has officially passed the 6 wk mark in his recovery (4 days ago) and his RH is looking GREAT! Like, better then before the surgery so I’m super happy about that! LH is… meh. Some days I think it looks way better, some days not so much. But I still think it’s getting better overall, just going slow. Still using the laser on both areas, and hoping it will continue to help the LH improve. On to the pics now!


Right Hind first:




Left Hind:




And because I hate doing posts of JUST vet stuff, here are some cute photos of Rio grazing. It was pre-grooming so his mane looks kinda ratchet.






Can y’all believe it’s already October??? I seriously cannot. MM is riding Clarky in the GHM clinic here in Dallas this weekend and I am “grooming” for her. I should come back with tons of material, so stay tuned for all things George!!!

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  1. Both legs are looking better! I am impressed with that laser thingy. Can’t wait to read about the GHM clinic. I am too chicken to ever ride in one but am perfectly happy to live vicariously through others.

    1. Me too, it really seems to have helped. I would kill to ride with GHM, but I’d also be super scared haha. Rio didn’t exactly give me a choice this year though, so this is the next best thing. I’m so excited to audit! Hoping to get some great quotes 😂

  2. yeah i don’t have to shudder and look away at the leg photos so that has to tell you that it is getting better 🙂 Have fun watching Clarky go!! 🙂 Keep on trucking Rio!! 🙂 (He looks worried, NOT) 🙂

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