Jump Lesson on a Jumper

I had a super fun jump lesson this morning on Trainer’s jumper, Cascai.  Rio got hock injections last week so he’s enjoying a few days of rest.

If you read my blog a lot you’ll be tired of hearing this, but Cascai is the FUNNEST horse ever. He’s a 7 yr old imported holstiner that has magical springs on his feet. He makes you feel like you can jump anything!  I’ve barely jumped over 2’6 in the past few months, and we were easily doing 3’3 ish today and I didn’t even think to be nervous/scared because I know Cascai can get over it no matter what I do lol! If I won the lotto I’d  for sure buy him (fingers crossed).

Don’t worry, I didn’t forgot about Rio. I gave him a sudsy bubble bath, trimmed his mane, and in general dotted on him and stuffed him with carrots. We are back to light work tomorrow though!
Short jump video of Cascai and I:

Cascai8.6.17 from Kelly on Vimeo.

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