Weatherbeeta Saddle Pad Review

Every equestrian ever has wondered the same question at some point. Can one ever have too many saddle pads? Some equestrians might say yes, yes you can have too many, and that you only need a couple of pads per horse you own.


So moving right along, I got a new saddle pad from Riding Warehouse. This style of contoured jump pad isn’t new, but since I have quite the collection of pads already, I didn’t own one yet. But, due to the fact that I work in healthcare during a pandemic, my previously basically non-existent anxiety has been rearing it’s ugly head lately. So what do I do? Buy myself things to make me happy. No shame here, I work hard and I have no qualms spending $40 on something I am excited about.

Weatherbeeta Saddle Pad Review

Although I had been eyeing the Le Mieux contoured pads, I do have somewhat of a balance when it comes to how frivolous the purchase is and what I am willing to spend on it. Since obtaining my 100th saddle pad ranked high on the frivolity scale, this meant I couldn’t spend as much without feeling a tinge of guilt. The Weatherbeeta contoured pad on the other hand looked basically just as good to me, and at a better price point then Le Mieux- $40, versus the cheapest Le Mieux pad is $65.

Weatherbeeta Saddle Pad Review

The Weatherbeeta contour pad is made of cotton with a PVC covered girth patch to ensure durability, and a breathable mesh spine. I can’t give a review on durability or washability, because I haven’t had it long and haven’t washed it yet. I’ll have to come back and update this when I have. I don’t have a lot of content lately though, and I do have pretty pad pictures, so here we are.

Weatherbeeta Saddle Pad Review

As far as fit and overall first impressions on quality go- I am impressed. In fact, I love it. I have a long and forward flap saddle saddle, and I’m obsessed with the fit of this pad. It just… works. I love that it has a breathable mesh spine, and that the contouring of the spine means it doesn’t sit on the withers.

Weatherbeeta Saddle Pad Review

If you want a great fitting and extremely functional pad at a reasonable price-point, go scoop one of these up. Also, it’s currently available in 7 colors. Options mean I might need several more of these.

Want to save some money? Use code “Ammy10” to save 10% sitewide at RW. Use it fast though, this code won’t be active for long. If you’re a podcast person you can also check out the latest episode from the podcast I help host (Amateur Hour) where I talk about this pad and other products from RW that we have been crushing on lately!


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  1. I’m a fellow AA and I just found your blog and am starting to read through some of your posts. There are some super useful tips in here, so thanks! BTW, there is no such thing as too many saddle pads. 😉

  2. Ahh I love how it fits with the saddle and I honestly love the branded girth strap too! I’ll definitely be looking into this as I’ve always wanted a jump-style saddle pad – and since this one is cheaper than others and still by such a reputable brand, I’ll be checking it out!

    Oh, and you can neverrrrrr have too many saddle pads lol!


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