Product Review: Wellfleet Halter

So hunky. So handsome. Someone looks good in leather.

Who doesn’t love an affordable, high quality leather halter? One can never have enough IMO. My leather halter count is currently at 3. I wanted to do a quick review on my newest addition, and the halter plate I got to go with it.

About a month ago I purchased a SmartPak Wellfleet fancy stitched padded halter for like nothing- it was crazy on sale for I think 50 bucks (originally $120ish). I have always heard really great things about Wellfleet leather,  but this is the first thing I’ve actually gotten my hands on.


It came in this fancy bag, and the leather was gorgeous straight out of the bag. I’ve oiled it twice and it’s already gotten really soft and pliable. I like the way it accepts the oil.But it also feels sturdy, like it’s going to last forever. The stitching is super tight and straight, and seriously luxurious looking.  All the hardware looks super high quality, I can’t wait to see how it holds up. The crown piece and noseband have this lovely padding that I imagine is super comfy for the horse.

Tiniest gripe- the metal part that goes through the hole is not brass. Weird right?

Overall, I couldn’t be more pleased. This halter is seriously gorgeous and I can’t wait to show it off at my next show.




I like monograms (as I have previously written about) and so I went on the hunt for a halter plate that does monograms. I saw an instagram post for Saucy Piaffe that showed some lovely halter plates, so I perused the website and saw that they offer a ton of customization options. They offer breed logos, as well as monograms. I have to say though- this didn’t quite turn out how I anticipated. I pictured the monogram being smaller (more like a breed logo) and the name ‘Sandrigo’ being much larger. The plate is gorgeous, but I honestly think it looks a tiny bit confused.


Like which do you focus on? The monogram, or the name?



What do you guys think of the halter plate??  It’s kind of growing on me actually.


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