It’s 2018 Betches!

This gif never gets old. Ever.


First off, CHEERS to 2018!!! Who’s excited?!? Time to make those resolutions! Set goals!! Makes plans!!!




I can’t lie. This is just not my game. Thinking about new years resolutions drives me to drink.




Don’t get me wrong, I like lists. I like to plan. I like to organize. I think I am suffering from 2017 PTSD. Yup. All the unexpected setbacks in 2017 have me a bit hesitant to set goals for an entire year. To try and plan it out perfectly on paper. I have this inkling that to do that would just be asking for trouble. I think I might even have become a tiny bit superstitious. The horror, I know. I can’t help but feel that if I put my plan into the universe, the universe will say, “hold my beer”.


Every time Rio is doing super well- something seems to happen to derails our goals and set back our timeline. He is doing SO WELL right now that I am basically always looking over my shoulder, always waiting for the other shoe to drop. When MM calls me I always have this tiny stab of panic. What if she is calling to say something is wrong with Rio? This is why I need a drink as 2018 rolls around. Or maybe 10.




That wine glass is about the right size.


But all joking aside- Rio is doing awesome and I am very excited to continue growing our partnership in 2018. I don’t have an A show in the immediate future, but I think we will go to a large schooling show held at one of our local A show venues (Texas Rose Horse Park) at the beginning of March. If all goes well this year I hope start doing some hunter derbies at some of the schooling shows. They usually offer some prize money, and look  like a ton of fun. I also plan to go to as many A shows as my schedule and budget allows, continuing to gain experience and to refine our show ring ride as we go.

My top insta posts from 2017. Follow me @hunky_hanoverian !



I do really enjoy reading all of my fellow bloggers goals though! Keep it up guys, and more power to you!


p.s. Despite my efforts to not think about it- I am counting down the weeks until my Voltaire arrives. I was told 10-12 weeks is the usual time frame. 4 weeks down, 8 to go. UGHHH. So much for not thinking about it!





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  1. oooooh derbies!!!!! my fingers are crossed that you and Rio have lots of smooth sailing in 2018 – lord knows you’ve already had your fair share of rough waters!

  2. Keeping my fingers crossed that the saddle comes fast! Also I totally understand the not wanting to make goals feelings. Looking back at all the goals I didn’t get to in 2017 makes me want to cry.

  3. I totally agree! Every single time Speedy and I have been poised to make the leap to the next level, he hurts himself. I don’t write down my goals either. They’d be the same every year anyway – get better, do more, win stuff. :0)

    My “goals” for the year are to get through Second Level and MAYBE show the big brown horse. If we don’t, oh well.

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