Blog Hop: 30 Things About Me

So I didn’t think I was going to do this blog hop (simply because I don’t think my non-horse life is that interesting), but I have SO enjoyed reading everyone else’s, and I really feel like it has helped me get to know my fellow bloggers, so now I am going to do it. It is also 11 pm and I am back at work after already working a full shift today, because my co-worker is sick and had to go home. So… I’ve got some time on my hands at the moment! I believe this was started by May As Well Event, but I have read many others as well, including Liz at In Omnia Paratus, and Michelle at Fat Buckskin Little Suit just to name a few.


  1. I work in healthcare at an awesome university hospital. This is obviously on the mind, seeing as I am at work right now! I’m a sonographer (ultrasound tech) and there is WAY more to the job then most people think. No, I do not look at cute babies all day (but sometimes I do!). Healthcare has always been my calling, and I am very lucky to say that I love my job.


UTSW ultrasound iniversity hospital vascular
Yes this is me. I’m scanning behind his knee, so get your mind out of the gutter right now!!!

2. I have always loved horses, since I was a tiny tot. I was lucky enough to grow up with them in my literal backyard. We had 3 acres and a 3 stall barn. I got my first pony when I was 5, his name was Black Jack and he was most likely some kind of QH cross. Probably around 13-13.2 hands. When I was mad at my parents I would pack my barbies in a backpack, get on Jack bareback, and ride him to the bottom of the pasture and pretend I was running away.

quarter horse cross black pony
Jack and I. No, I didn’t know that that was a drop noseband for manyyyyyy years.


3. I’ve been a vegetarian for about 9-10 years. Mid way into college a friend lent me a book and told me to read it (thanks Claire!) called “Skinny Bitch”. I had no idea it was about being vegan. I went cold turkey (pun intended) vegan for 8 months before giving up and just being vegetarian, aka I added some dairy and eggs back into my diet. Vegan really didn’t work for me, but I have happily been vegetarian ever since. And no, I do not miss meat. I actually have nightmares that I forget I’m vegetarian, and half way through eating meat, I remember and freak out. Weird AF, I know.


4. Being a pilot runs in my family, unless you are me. Both my older sister and my dad are pilots for major airlines (Delta and American). I, on the other hand, hate flying. I get motion sick super easily. My dad tried to pick me up in his plane when I was in college to go to a family member’s wedding that was a 5 hr drive away. About 15 minutes into the “flight” I said we needed to go back, that I wasn’t going to make it. 30 seconds later I was making ample use of my emesis bag! I drove to the wedding- happily.


rv12 kit plane
Dad’s plane- he built it! I also did not inherit those skillz. Awkwardly cropped him out of the pic.


5. Speaking of planes- when I was in high school I was in Pony Club. We had dressage rally about 2-2.5 hours away one weekend. It was going to be my first time showing 2nd level, and I left my saddle at home. No joke. Someone tried to lend my theirs, but my schooling ride the night before was a disaster. I was TOO NERVOUS to ride in an unfamiliar saddle. My dad flew my saddle to the local airport for me, because he’s the best dad ever.


palomino paint dressage horse
Not the same show, but the same horse and saddle. It was an older Stubben. Yes, my boots were really short- definitely didn’t have customs back then, but I also never really noticed/cared.


6. I had brain surgery when I was 12. It was scary, but I think things like that are much easier when you are young. I still have a scar, but you can’t see it unless you’re a hairdresser who is is reallyyyyyy paying attention. I saw my brain surgeon 14 years later, we were in the same elevator at the same hospital I was operated on at. I was there doing clinical rotations for ultrasound school. It was very surreal for me. I would have talked to him I think, but he was deep in convo with another Dr the whole time.


7. I really like to read, mostly fantasy type books, but a lot fo other random stuff too. I have read several “series” in the past 5-8 ish years that REFUSE to wrap up, and it may be the the death of me. Patrick Rothfuss and GRRM I am looking at you. Seriously. I may have a deep burning rage for those 2.

patrick rothfuss name of the wind



8. I mentioned I do ultrasound on people. I also had some training in small animal sonography, and worked at a vet specializing in cancer treatment for awhile. I published an veterinary ultrasound overview article in a human ultrasound journal in 2014. If you are super curious, you can read it here.


overview of small animal veterinary sonography


9. I don’t have many phobias. I think claustrophobia is basically it, and it’s not awful, just the idea of it freaks me out. I could never go cave diving (I think it’s called splunking?) or into one of the great pyramids (I hear you have to crouch the whole way in, NO WAY).


10. I liked school. If I could study whatever suited my fancy for the rest of my life and not have to worry about money, I would be a professional college student.


11. I took 4 semesters of Swahili in college. At the time I thought I was going to med school and that I’d do Doctors Without Boarders someday. Plus, Spanish had a rep for being super tough at my school. Unfortunately, I don’t remember much of it, even though I could basically read children’s stories and hold entire conversations in Swahili but the end.

rafiki, swahili
FYI, basically everything in The Lion King is Swahili, and it’s all correct. All the names are Swahili, for example Rafiki means friend. Kuna is “to have” Ha negates it, and Matata is loosely “worries/problems/troubles”. Hakuna matata is an accurate translation of to have no worries.


12. I like to name my cars. When I turned 16 my dad bought a friend’s old Chevy Silverado for me. It was burgundy, with a champagne stripe. His name was Harvey. After that I got a Nissan Altima named Stella, and my current care is a little Mazda named Zara.

mazda 6
Zara when she was new


13. V for Vendetta and Atonement are 2 od my favorite movies.




14. I have a horse print that some of my friends went in on for my birthday in my mid 20’s. They said it embodies me in horse form, and that it is my spirit animal. I do not disagree. I friggin love this picture.



15. I used to have a beard dragon named Persi, short for Persephone.


Yes, this is her, and yes, I thought I was pretty funny.


16. I do not think I have many quirks. I like to be on time to things (on time is 10 minutes early). Late people used to really drive me bonkers, but I’ve relaxed some about it. People walking slowly in front of me is pretty annoying. I typically forgive pretty easily, I don’t hold grudges long because it’s too much work. I’m not easily offended.


17. Ah I thought of something. I HATE HATE HATE losing/misplacing things. HATE IT. I get really worked up and usually lose my temper on my dear hubby-  because I assume it’s his fault. It makes me feel completely unorganized/chaotic. I rarely lose things, and I am getting better about controlling my frustration when it does happen.

18. It’s 2 AM and I am out of ideas. These might get more ridiculous as we go.

19. I am not religious, but I do not care if you are. It is a non-issue for me. I was raised Catholic. I strongly dislike when people try to force their religious views on other people’s lives. I’m looking at you Republican party.

20. I do not have any tattoos or piercings besides traditional single ear piercings. I have no desire to get more piercings or a tattoo. I’ve never had something important enough to me to want it on my body forever. I like when other people have creative and meaningful tattoos though. I once dated a guy that had an ocean mural on one of his legs which was gorgeous, and then he had monkeys across his back throwing shit at each other. I kid you not. Things didn’t go far with said guy.

21. I basically had to force my hubby to date me. Like, I REALLY had to try. Probably wouldn’t have worked if mutual friends hadn’t been rooting for me. He had lots of misconceptions about who I was as a person. I got my way in the end though!


Hubby and I at a 20’s murder mystery party in January



22. I hate cooking. I literally do not do it. Tried Hello Fresh for awhile, and it was fun, but eventually I stopped wanting to make the food and cancelled it. The hubs and I do not buy meat (he does eat it at restaurants though) and we basically live off pop tarts, frozen waffles, toast/bagels, mac & cheese, grilled cheese and tomato soup (which he makes), pizza, and the occasional large breakfast (he also makes that). I kid you not, we eat like kids and I don’t hate it at all.


Sometimes I get super lucky and DH makes a pizza from scratch like this one (which was delish!)


23. Every room in our house has been redone by us, some better then others. We hired some designer friends for our master bath remodel, and it is my DREAM bathroom. Hubby even let me put a chandelier in it, which I have always wanted. This is my favorite room in my house by far. I hope they are still in business when we have money to redo our kitchen.




24. I majored in biology at Baylor University and biology of animal behavior was by far my favorite class. It was incredibly interesting, and I wish that I remembered more of it. I also rode on the equestrian team, which I loved. College was some of the best years of my life, although I’m even happier now. Graduated in 2010, just finished paying student loans this year. Taking on huge student loan debt is definitely not something I recommend now that I know what it is like, and I had it way easier then some.


25. I have always liked writing. I am well aware that I am far from a great writer, but I do this blog for me and I don’t worry about being better. I write what comes natural, and I rarely do a lot of revisions or editing (which I am sure is obvious by my many typos). I find it kind of liberating to not have to make it perfect, like you would have to if you were getting graded.


26. Sometimes I struggle with being honest and real on here, because I find it hard in some situations to be real in a way that won’t hurt people’s feeling or offend someone in real life who reads this blog. I figure that all bloggers struggle with this delicate balance. I sometimes wish I could TRULY write from the heart, unfiltered, but I guess that’s what personal diaries are for.

27. Rose and pinot noir are my favorite types of wine.

last chapter pinot noir
My fave: Last Chapter by Chapter 24 Vineyard in Oregon


28. This post has taken me a ridiculously long time to write because now it’s Tuesday morning (I started Friday night).


29.  I live for coffee. Did I already say that? I can’t even remember. French pressed is the way to go.


30. I foster for a local rescue, and currently have a 16 month old chihuahua pup in need of a home if y’all know anyone looking!

Bunny is about as CUTE as they come!

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  1. These are all so much fun to read! My brother is in flight school right now, on track to be a commercial pilot. He also plays ice hockey and my parents constantly wonder why their children couldn’t have picked cheaper hobbies hah! I would also stay in school forever if I could!

  2. Lots of interesting facts. I adore your bathroom (and I’m taking a screenshot so that I can refer to it when I finally get around to redoing the mirror/sink area in mine). I also completely agree with #10. I did my undergrad, have done some “fun” online class certificate programs, and then went back (again) for a Paralegal degree. You could say I like school 😉 I constantly have to tell myself “no” when a new course catalog shows up (but I want to go back!!!). My new job said they’d pay for me to go back and take one course though so I’m definitely going to take them up on that.

    1. Jealous! What are going back to school for? I wish my job would pay for more school- but I’d want to be able to quit my job while doing and stufy whatever I want. I can dream right?!?

  3. LOVE ALL YOUR THINGS! AND yes it took FOREVER to write this 30 things post. I started on Friday and it took me all weekend. RIDICULOUS 🙂

    I hate to fly, i am claustrophobic and my dad’s chihuahua looks a lot like your rescue (NO WE DONT NEED HIM OR HER) HA!

    And you stalked/bullied your husband into marrying you. I LOVE IT 🙂 Thanks for sharing all the fun things about you (And that first photo I DID wonder what you were scanning)! 🙂

  4. This hop was super fun, but agree it was tough to come up with 30!
    I kind of wish I had gone to school for sonography just to save on some vet bills. I’ve gotten somewhat good at looking at suspensories and check ligaments though.
    Fun fact not about me: my dad had his pilots license when he was younger, but he lost an eye and can’t fly anymore. He shares a plane with a couple other guys now though, and they have a captain full time, so he can still enjoy it.

  5. There is definitely more to ultrasound techs than babies! I have to say tho, every ultrasound tech I’ve ever encountered is SO fun to talk to though. The last one discussed horses with me the whole time – it was awesome lol.

    Austen got me into Patrick Rothfuss lately. I’m being typical me and reading 5-6 books at once jumping around genres, but I really like what I’ve read so far!

    I cave for work sometimes and it’s actually pretty sweet. Spelunking is another term for it, but I’ve learned that the hard core people call it “caving” and if I refer to it as spelunking I’ll look like a total n00b so caving it is haha

    HOW COOL about the Swahili!

    And weirdly enough, my current daily driver is named Stella lol

    Animal behavior is basically the greatest class ever. The whole way through it I wished so much I could do those types of things for a career and be able to live the life I wanted. Alas, opportunities such as those are few and far between unless you’re super flexible and willing to move about. Horses and a nomadic lifestyle don’t mesh well.

  6. OMG, I have also been agonizing over The Name of the Wind books not being finished for years!!!! Literal torture for me!!

    I’m also a vegetarian but I have never tried to be vegan- I don’t think I’m responsible enough (I also hate cooking) to actually make it work and be healthy. I don’t miss meat at all either.

    1. So glad I am not the only one DYING about the Name of the Wind books. I am ready to start sending hate mail to Patrick Rothfuss. No joke!!!

      That is so cool that you are also vegetarian! I am definitely of the same mind about the vegan responsibility thing too- it’s too much!

  7. I will echo the anguish over Patrick Rothfuss and his less-than-timely release of the third book! I have given up hope on GRRM.

    It would be neat to see what you’re reading. I’m always looking for book suggestions!

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