North Texas Equine Photography Workshop

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about how Joanne and I got the opportunity to do a photography workshop (North Texas Equine Photography Workshop) led by Terri Cage (Part 1 and Part 2 in case you missed it). Terri Cage is a phenomenal equine photographer, and although it was a lot of working getting to the shoot (including a 3 AM wake up call!), I knew the images would be worth it. Guys, I wasn’t wrong.


***The below images are copyright by Terri Cage and used with permission***


North Texas Equine Photography Workshop, terri cage, hunky hanoverian

North Texas Equine Photography Workshop, terri cage, hunky hanoverian

North Texas Equine Photography Workshop, terri cage, hunky hanoverian

North Texas Equine Photography Workshop, terri cage, hunky hanoverian


We had hoped to get some jumping shots, but unfortunately it had rained too much in the days before and I didn’t feel that the grass footing would hold up to more aggressive jumping. Terri did manage to snag the above shot of us testing it out over a tiny warm-up jump though. I LOVE Rio’s dapples in it, even if I am committing the CARDINAL SIN of looking down #sorryimnotperfect.


Although I think the photos turned out AWESOME I also can’t help but giggle at Rio’s “mare mouth” that he is making in them. If y’all read my other posts, you’ll remember that he was SUPER ANXIOUS during the whole shoot and would not chill out. Seriously, would not. He chomped his bit the ENTIRE shoot, and basically spent the whole time spinning circles around me. I was muy careful not to get stepped in when wearing ballet flats LOL.


Also, I am a solid 6 ft tall. Keep that in mind when you see the two of us standing next to each other. Unclear how tall Rio is these days, but I’m also not sure I wanna know!!


One more for the road- this photo is by one of the workshop attendees, Chelsea Short Photography. I think she did great and I love it!


chelsea short photography, North Texas Equine Photography Workshop, hunky hanoverian

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  1. Lovely photos. The first one is my favorite.
    Going off on a tall person tangent here. Where does a person of similar height find a long dress that’s actually long enough? Also any breeches recommendations for a fellow tall person looking for something besides TS? I love Schockemohle breeches (except the price!) but the styling isn’t good for showing hunters.

    1. I shockingly don’t struggle to much with Maxi dresses- they all seem to be made extra long. This one in particular is Calvin Klein, it was plenty long enough for me and definitely seemed good for a “boyish” figure like mine.

      As far as breeches go- I predominately have TS. After the whole TS debacle I won’t be buying any more, but I still have a large collection. Kingland breeches are also nice and long, and I have 2 pairs of a European brand called Gersemi that fit me well. I have several show breeches currently (TS) but when those start to look dingy I want to try the RJ Gulf breeches or the Romfh Sarafina’s. Have you either of those?

      1. Interesting on the dresses. I kind of stopped even trying those on because they were always too short. Guess I will give it a try again.
        I have not tried Kingland or Gersemi so I will look them up! RJ breeches I’m hopelessly between sizes – one is just a little too tight and sizing up is too big (that seems to be the case for many of my friends too). I own a pair of Sarafina’s (actually have them for sale) and while they fit great, don’t hold dirt, and are super comfortable they are just a bit slippery so I tend to not reach for them for riding the young guy, lol. The rise on those is a little higher than TS since they are mid rise. I’ve been tempted to try the Romfh Gabriella (low rise) especially now that they have the silicone knee patch instead to see if that gives me the perfect combo.

        1. Hmmmm I do not hate a mid rise. What size/color are your Sarafina’s for sale? Definitely let me know if you try the Gabriella’s and like them. My Fingers are crossed that the new Kastel breeches are amazing and perfect and a good price point!

  2. These are beautiful!
    And it looks more like you’re blinking in that jumping photo, not so much looking down.
    Rio looks extra fancy wearing flowers!

    1. Thank you!! YASSSS, blinking, definitely not looking down. Cause I never do that. Nope!

      My mom helped make the wreath! I loved it!

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