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After chatting a bit with Karinda K (a crazy talented photographer, see my cover photo of Rio if you don’t believe me, or click the link to her page), we realized there is a definite need for some outfit inspiration for high fashion equine themed photo shoots. Whether shot by a pro or your best barnmate, it is easier then you think to get a Vogue style shoot, it only takes a bit of creativity. In an effort to help inspire those thinking of doing spring shoots, I decided to put together an little outfit inspo for y’all. This look is essentially inspired by spring colors and my Anne of Green Gables-esque romantic yearnings. (Side note: I read all the Anne of Green Gables when I was 8ish and then ran around trying to talk like her. Everyone thought I was weird, but I thought everything was delightfully marvelous and oh so romantic). If I was a wood nymph who got to frolic with unicorns in a white blossom covered field, this is what I would wear.




Outside of this look being completely impractical for everyday barn wear, I think I is important to choose an outfit to enhances your horse’s beauty and not one that competes with it. A soft flowy tulle skirt and a delicate ivory lace top looks visually interesting in photos, but won’t compete with your horse in the way that say  a loud, geometric pattern would. Although I love many equestrian brands (Kingsland, Noel Asmer, Kastel Denmark just to name a few) and horse clothes basically outnumber civilian clothes in my closet, I would love to do a fairy tale-esque shoot with Rio someday in an outfit just like this.


Two words: Tulle Maxi. Seriously. LOVE this look.


Move this model to a field and add a horse. Done.


Best part about this look? It doesn’t break the bank. Tulle maxis can be found all over the internet, in all different colors. Go with a pale shade (such as a blue/grey, champagne, or mauve) and add a white lace/beaded top. I’d stay away from sequins though, as I think it would compete too much with your horse and border on a bridal/princess feel.



While searching for outfit options, I came across a site I’ve never been on before- Morning Lavender. I’ve never purchased from them, but they seem to have a lot of options for the outfit I am envisioning. I included links to the exact items for your convenience, but I’m sure you could find similar skirts and tops for even better prices with a bit of time and internet sleuthing skills.


This white top is a bit more casual, but can still be dressed up with a statement necklace. Love the mauve color of the skirt ($70.99) and I think it would look lovely with a dark bay, black, or palomino.


Also digging this grey one . I think it would  look stunning with grey and black horses (imagine a steel grey with dapples, then pair with a bold wine colored lip).




There are so many white lace tops to choose from, in all different price ranges. I found these 2 on that Morning Lavender site in about 5 seconds flat.




$48.99 purchase it here


Also $48.99 same website, direct link here






I love that this look is versatile for hairstyles as well. You can do a soft updo or long beachy waves. If you are unable to create that beachy wave look (like me) don’t hesitate to hit up DryBar, or your hairstylist to achieve the perfect blow-out for your photos. You can dress up the look with a hair piece, or even fresh flowers. I have used orchids before and I love the look of them in photos. They look great with an updo or with your hair flowing free. The orchids in my photos were attached to a simple crystal hair band using bobby pins.



Photo By: Justin Black Photography, Hair and Make-up By: Micaela Soto MUAH


Laughter is also an awesome accessory


Don’t forget to practice your Blue Steel face


Not into the fresh flower look? Check out Etsy for TONS of hair pieces and accessories. Search “crystal, art deco, rhinestone, or bridal” for 50 millions options and price points. Does sparkle make you want to gag? Check out this GORGEOUS ivory flower headband that I just purchased because it’s $9 and so flippin cute. I am so going to wear it when I have my photo shoot with Rio someday.




Pale colored skirt, white top- go for a bold lip. I love a nice burgundy personally.




Too dark for you? Go for red!





So who feels inspired? Should I do more looks in the future? Who is ready for SPRING?!




FYI: I get nothing for posting links to the items, and I really have never heard of that site before. Just wanted to post links for those who might want to know where I found them!

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