Equine Photo Shoot Inspo

After chatting a bit with Karinda K (a crazy talented photographer, see my cover photo of Rio if you don’t believe me, or click the link to her page), we realized there is a definite need for some outfit inspiration for a high fashion equine photo shoot. Whether shot by a pro or your best barnmate, it is easier then you think to get a Vogue style shoot, it only takes a bit of creativity. In an effort to help inspire those thinking of doing spring shoots, I decided to put together an little outfit inspo for y’all. This look is essentially inspired by spring colors and my Anne of Green Gables-esque romantic yearnings. (Side note: I read all the Anne of Green Gables when I was 8ish and then ran around trying to talk like her. Everyone thought I was weird, but I thought everything was delightfully marvelous and oh so romantic). If I was a wood nymph who got to frolic with unicorns in a white blossom covered field, this is what I would wear.



equine photo shoot style inspiration

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