Trot Poles are Dumb

Rio would like everyone to know that he hates poles. Trot poles, canter poles, you name it. HE HATES THEM. But boy does he look totally adorable doing them. He’s so dramatic in the beginning. Makes me wonder if he missed his calling as a fancy boi dressage pony.


Dressage pony for sure, am I right?!

He chilled out after a few times through though and looked a bit more like the hunter he is.

Liana came out to my lesson and took tons of photos so I am going to try and post every day this week, even if it’s just to share photos haha.

On another note, my order from @Showfeestickerco arrived! Michelle is a fellow AA who also lives in Texas who makes custom goodies to help support her horse habit. My Deniro inflatable boot trees stopped holding air so I reached out to her to make me some. I am SO glad I did because they turned out AMAZING, along with stirrup covers and a wash cloth. She can ship anywhere, so hit her up for totally custom and totally adorable boot trees!

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    1. It is an insecticide tag typically put on cow ears. My barn uses them on horses that are on overnight turnout to help with bugs!

      1. I’m not sure if you get many mosquitoes there in TX? When I googled it didn’t seem to tell me if the tags repelled those as well. May be worth a try regardless at home for the boys, I hate spraying them with chemicals all the time.

        1. We do have mosquitos but I think it’s the flies that predominately annoy the horses here. They are fairly inexpensive, so it doesn’t hurt trying! Rio usually has one rubber banded into his mane as well. They still get fly spray put on them, but these help out. Let me know if you try them!

    2. Good eye, I just thought that was something on the lens!
      We don’t have flies or mosquitoes, but Cupid does get a fair number of ticks (gross!) This year I started using Equi-Spot, it seems to help because when I do see a tick I realize it’s been just over 2 weeks and time to re-apply.

      And yes, Rio does look super cute!

  1. Rio was bred to do dressage, wasn’t he?
    Simon used to hate poles, but now that he’s discovered where his feet are (at least 90% of the time) he doesn’t mind them. LOL!

    1. Yes he was! I guess his breeding sometimes shines through! I think he hates them because he is kind of lazy and they make him work haha! He used to be like Simon and really just not get them/wasn’t coordinated but after a solid year he gets it, he would just rather not LOL

  2. Canter poles are also dumb. But Rio looks great over those trot poles!

    Huh, I may have to try that insecticide tag with Eli, since fly spray is evil lol

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