Rio is a Real Horse

Things are really coming together guys (knock on wood!). Rio’s left hind continues to noticeably improve, and we have gone from “sorta, kinda canter/stumble/hand gallop-on-the-forehand a few steps” to “you are a grown horse and know how to canter while carrying your own step” for at least a circle at a time. Major progress. My amazing barn friends are all so supportive and super happy for me that Rio is back to work. Every time someone asks, “How does it feel to be riding him again?” I want to respond this way:



Because it really does. I was SUPER lucky to get to ride some other incredible horses while Rio was out- but none of them are him! Far from perfect, he is MY imperfect horse, and therefore I love him unconditionally and over-look every shortcoming (especially since any bad habits he has are basically my fault). It feels amazing to be getting back into real work.


So what are we working on? Predominately focusing on the quality of his gaits right now. Steady, rhythmic, uphill trot. I say uphill, as in, uphill for Rio, who up until this point likes to be pretty downhill. We are working on slowing his step and encouraging him to stap up more with the poll. Same theory for the canter as well. I am SO pleased with him! His canter is even starting to look decent again (on only ride 4 of returning to canter work). Check out the video below to see a short clip of trot/canter work.



RioKelly10.18.17 from Kelly on Vimeo.


Vid credit goes to MM! THANKS GIRL!

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  1. aw yay i’m so happy that you’re finally able to really settle back into focused work again instead of being constantly in recovery mode! can’t wait to get back at it with my own guy too!!

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