Purple Breeches for the Win

purple breeches, Hunky Hanoverian


I had another jump lesson on Sunday. As I rolled up, I texted MM and said, “Wait until you see my breeches.” I am sure that she was filled with trepidation once she read it. I saw she was sitting on the porch, taking some photos on her new camera, so I casually sashayed up to her showing off my model walk. Her face. #Priceless.


But really, I FINALLY took the plunge and decided to try some Pipers. I didn’t buy a SINGLE pair of Tailoreds during the sale (because I promised my husband I wouldn’t since we still need to pay for the other half of my Voltaire). So, to cheer myself up, I got these Piper purple breeches. There were only $29, so who can say no to that??? I actually really like them! They are super super soft, and have the silicone knee patches. Unclear how long they will hold up, but at $29 I don’t really care. They are a much wilder color then I normally wear, so I doubt I will use them that often anyway. Very pleased with my purchase though!


The weather stayed nice for my lesson, even though rain was in the forecast. We continued the theme from Saturday and worked on gymnastics. MM switched things up by adding bounces (we only did one strides the day before) and making it an oxer to an airy vertical (super rude of her) instead of a vertical to an oxer. Hello, I do the hunters. I like filler. Thankfully, Rio didn’t seem to care, and I think he only knocked the vertical once before giving it more respect.


purple breeches, Hunky Hanoverian
Asmar long sleeved shirt, SmartPak purple breeches


We started out on the smaller side to warm-up, and then MM increased the height as we went. Rio wanted to swerve a bit, so it took some “lane poles” and focus on my part to keep  him straight. This shit is hard for him, especially since I am focusing on NOT helping him so much, and being more of a passive passenger when possible. That may sound mean on my part, but he is really learning how to think for himself and becoming the best possible ammy horse ever. It is actually really nice to be able to sit-up, semi drop the reins, and enjoy the ride. Yes, I am cliche.


purple breeches, Hunky Hanoverian

purple breeches, Hunky Hanoverian
Purple breeches make every photo more fun #itsofficial


Rio had yesterday off, and then we plan to have a pretty intense training week this week, as MM leaves next week for a 2 week show in Waco. I REALLY WISH I was going back to Waco as well but… adulting is hard. I already have some big non-horsey vacations planned this year, so between those and a few other horse shows already on the schedule, I really don’t have any PTO left. I could send Rio with MM and just come on the weekend (like a lot of adult ammys do), but I have only have so much show budget, and I’d really rather be there in person if I’m shelling out a ridiculous amount of money. So, the plan is to train hard this week, and then take it easy the next 2 weeks and relax a bit while she is gone. Rio is also going to get his hocks done next week, so he’ll be getting some good quality time off soon.


purple breeches, Hunky Hanoverian
3’6 ish




Rio1.7.18 from Kelly on Vimeo.


What about y’all? Are my bl0gger friends in the NE surviving the cold? I’d send some of the Texas weather your way but I hear it might be getting cold again by this weekend. Wahhhhh! If you find yourself feeling too gloomy, I recommend some purple breeches to brighten things up!

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    1. Nope 🙁 Doing the NTHJC Season opener at TRHP, then nothing until Pin Oak, but I will be out of the country unfortunately.

  1. you are calling my name with those purple breeches which look AMAZING on Rio with his color!! Great price.

    sorry you have to be adult. Sucks.

    And today it is 39 degrees so practically a heat wave here. HA its going to be 60 (BUT rain tomorrow) here in the NE where I am. 🙁 then back to cold. BUT again not subarctic so I will take it!!!

    I am so cautious buying breeches online unless i have tried the brand before because of sizing issues. SIGH. I should grab the bull by the (purple) horns more I guess ! 🙂 Love them!

    1. You should totally try them!! At least with smartpak you get free returns if it doesn’t fit. And for $29 bucks I feel like it’s hard to go wrong lol. I do suggest sizing down- I did and I’m glad I did. But thank you, I think they look pretty great too!!!

  2. Non-horsey vacation? What’s that? :p

    I like the fun colors the Pipers come in, but I don’t like the way they fit me. Kerrits kids breeches however fit me well and come in all sorts of colors, lol.

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