Monday Fail: First Time Off Rio

I have the best Monday Fail for you guys today! So it finally happened. I fell off Rio. I always knew this day would come, but I kind of assumed it’d be like something out of the blue, a freak thing. Instead, it was in a run of the mill lesson over a jump I’d already jumped several times that day. #mybad #whoops.

Prepare yourself, and make sure you’re not drinking coffee when you read this, or it may come out your nose!

The first sign that I may be in trouble. At this point I’m just thinking, “OOMPH!”

“Oh SHIT. This is where I fall off. I always knew this day would come.”


“Oh JK I’ve got this, I’m fine, we good!”


“Oh shit. Maybe I am falling of. Nah, I think I’m ok, I just need Ri to slow down now and I’ll be ok.”


“We are picking up speed, this is no bueno. Time to jump ship. Probably should have let go before he started picking up speed. This is gonna hurt.”


“OUCH. I am not seriously injured so that’s something. This is gonna hurt tomorrow though.”

Trainer asked if I wanted help leading Rio back to the barn, and this GHM meme flashed through my mind:

I quickly responded that thank you but no, I am fine, and I want to get back on and do it again. Thankfully, Rio was completely fine once I got back on, and acted like nothing had happened. We went again, and jumped it with no problems. Thank goodness he doesn’t hold a grudge!



Huge thank you to my friend Liana for catching my first fall off of Rio on video. If you are going to fall, you may as well do in spectacular fashion, and you should also make sure to get media of it!

Now for the good part- the video! Enjoy!!

As you can see, it was a simple miscommunication about where we were going to jump. I saw NO distance whatsoever, and I think my brain was on board for the add even though I was unsure because there was essentially no room for an add. Pretty sure Rio thought to save our asses and leave from the long spot, which I felt him preparing for so I decided to go with it, but then he hesitated hard and I went flying up his neck. 1000% my fault for riding the worst distance in the history of riding. Whoops!

For the record, I’m a bit sore today but otherwise totally fine. I did hit my head decently well though, and I’ll be looking into getting a new helmet. I might be sold on those Trauma Void helmets, I’m hoping they fit my head shape.

I’ll be sharing the rest of the lesson media tomorrow- including jumping that fence correctly LOL.

Happy Monday Fail y’all!!!

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  1. Glad you are okay, if sore. At least that’s out of the way now? In the video it really does look like for a second you might stick it. Then after you fall Rico is like omg what is going on I’m out of here!

  2. Oh my, but since you’re okay I did have to chuckle a little. 🙂
    My first fall off Cupid came about 9 months after I got him, he bolted and tore around the arena a few times before pitching me off. The worst part was I was wearing my glasses and they flew off, thankfully not broken but it was hard for me to find them in the dirt, with no glasses on. And sadly no media, lol.

  3. awwww haha whoops!! major brownie points tho for the spectacular fashion! like they say, if it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well 😉

  4. omg i had to go get a fresh cup of coffee before watching I was waiting for this post since seeing IG 🙂 HA…and wow. That was pretty surreal to watch. First off his canter is lovely now:) second omg you went to jump he kind of went to go and stopped and then the rest of it kept rolling. That screenshot where you finally tumble I literally had flashbacks from the time I fell off Remus like that. THE OH SHIT MOMENT that sucks the most

    Glad you got back on and jumped again….and Rio was like what the hell Mom 🙂

  5. I had my first fall off my guy (3 yrs of togetherness – it was inevitable I’d fall at some point) in a somewhat similar fashion just a couple months ago. We had been having a GREAT lesson. He is such a good guy who will almost always go over the jumps. My trainer has really been working with us to move more forward to the jumps. I had a little bit of an issue with take off and Jer and I saw different distances. Popped me right out of the tack and I held on to his side until I realized he was still headed towards jump 2 of the line. I jumped ship, tucked and rolled, and I wasn’t too badly hurt. Just a big scrape up my arm that has finally started healing but I’ll probably have a scar to remind me of this pivotal moment.

    I got right back on and my trainer said just do the line again and we’d see how I felt. I did the line again… and then the rest of the course multiple times. I usually lose confidence after a fall (very few in the past 5 years, but the other two rattled me) but with this one I felt that it was a challenge. Thank goodness it didn’t knock my confidence and we’ve conquered that line at a forward pace in multiple lessons since.

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