Equine Wound Care Update: Follow-up


***This post contains some graphic images of equine wounds***



I realized the other day that I never did a follow-up on Rio’s 2 surgical sites for you guys. Equine wound care can be a crazy stressful journey, and y’all were SO supportive during the entire process, I still can’t thank everyone enough. It was a really rough patch for Rio and I, and it was hard to keep our spirits up at times. The encouragement I received from the blogging community was tremendous, and really helped make a difficult time more bearable. THANK YOU!


For my newer readers, here is a little re-cap:


End of May 2017 something poisonous bit Rio’s medial right hind legs. I do not know if it was a snake or a spider, but I refer to it as his spider bite out of habit. It necrosed, and caused a huge awful hole.

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