Group vs Private Lessons: What Works Best for You?

Lately I’ve started thinking a bit about lesson formats, and what works for me as the student. Do I prefer group vs private lessons? It isn’t something I have consciously considered that often, but in an effort to sort myself out a bit, I have started thinking about this topic more often. Lots happened in my lesson on Sunday besides the falling off bit– that actually happened near the end of the ride.


my favorite part of this picture is Rosie’s face in the background. She’s about are “mareish” as they come, but so talented that she makes up for it LOL!


Rio warmed up nicely and things were going fairly smoothly for most of the lesson. I was still feeling a bit “down” though during my ride (even before the fall, which if anything, made me lighten up a bit!). Not sure why exactly, I’m just feeling a bit hard on myself lately I think. Instead of focusing on the positive of each round, I find myself getting caught up in every small mistake.Lessons at my barn are typically in a group format, so we take turns doing the course. In general, I really like group lessons. I like that they give Rio and I time to catch our breath between rounds. I also really enjoy observing other riders and trying to learn from everyone’s mistakes, not just my own. It’s also really nice to have that social aspect, and sense of camaraderie that comes with group riding.

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