Equine Bodywork Update

Rio has his first equine bodywork session at the beginning of January, and he just had his first follow-up session yesterday. Going forward we plan to stay on a consistent once a month schedule to keep a pulse on how he is feeling, and monitor the development of any problem areas that could indicate the need for a change in his program.


He had a few ‘problem’ areas during his first equine bodywork session, where he was particularly tight, but I am happy to report he was overall MUCH better this time. I think a lot of that has to do with him getting his hocks injected 2 weeks after his initial bodywork session. He was probably compensating for his hocks in other areas, which was causing tightness that usually isn’t there. Now that he is freshly injected and feeling better, his musculature is telling a much better story. The amazing Christy had lots of good things to report. His hamstrings are nice and soft, his back (particularly the lumbar region) is much more relaxed with less heat. His stifles feel better, and he feels good in his shoulder/thoracic outlet area.


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