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As promised yesterday, I have more video from our Thursday jump lesson!




4.26.16 Kelly & Rio 2 from Kelly on Vimeo.


We started with the 6 stride bending line, which rode really nicely. In prior lessons, we had struggled to fit in all 6 strides, so I am really pleased to see it looking easy now.

The natural log jump came up really well (y’all might recognize that jump as the one we totally misread the other week and almost ate dirt over). The flying was mostly smooth, but a stride late behind.

I struggled to find an approach to the the line due to the water in the arena. I ended up finding a super deep spot (which is currently better for us versus the really long spot, so yay!). Unfortunately, this line is actually set to horse show strides, so after jumping in quite tight we had to boogey a bit to get out. Rio totally rose to the challenge though and made a big effort over the out oxer.


Never fear though, sometimes we still take the long spot. I can’t help it, when I sense trouble, I just go for it. MUST. STOP.LAUNCHING. Upon landing, Trainer Julie exclaimed, “WHOA Chica!” which had me laughing all the way to the next fence.



Long spots also make for better pictures, what can I say?





So who else has a total gut reaction that they are trying to break themselves from? I’m not saying the long spot is always wrong, it’s just that I think it’s ALWAYS right. I am trying to retrain my brain from thinking “GO!” all the the time, in hopes that I will eventually be able to better asses the situation more clearly and then decide which distance is best, versus a total knee-jerk response.

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    1. Thank you! Thankfully much doesn’t faze him, and he’s really forging about bad distances Lol!

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