Showing: Why I do it

pets for a job well done (p.c. @if_photography)

So I recently read an awesome post by Fat Buckskin in a Little Suit about showing and why we do it. I have often thought about why I compete over the years, and it seems hard to explain sometimes, most especially to myself.

When I am exhausted at the end of a show, and feel like I am dying of the elements, with an empty bank account, I sometimes look around and wonder WHY I do this. When I am about to enter the ring, and I feel like vomiting up my non-existent breakfast (because who has time for breakfast at shows?) I wonder why the HELL I am here. When I use my vacation hours to sweat my ass off in the sun, run around stressed all day, and wait for hours upon hours for 2 minutes in the show ring, I wonder when I became such a CRAZY person.

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