Andis Clippers DEAL

So I have no actual content for today other then to share this awesome deal. Jeffers has the Andis 2 speed clippers on sale today only, and if you use promo code Thanks16 you get another $8 off. $71 dollars is an insanely good deal for these clippers! I paid like $120ish and now I’m annoyed. Don’t be annoyed like me, get great clippers for a serious bargain.


*UPDATE: Amanda is smarter than me and noted these are the regular 2 speed Andis and not the Supers. I use the supers. Still a good deal, but might not work for body clipping thicker/longer coats. Just fyi!


Mine are green but I’d get black to save money!


Big THANKS to Kelly C. for spreading the word on this deal!


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  1. I have body clipped with this Andis 2 speed! It takes a lot longer than my new body clippers, but it’s doable (and they’re fantastic for precise trace clips).

  2. A deal is a deal! Anything under 100 is a good deal. And I wouldthink for trace clips these would be great!! I dont need a new pair right now (mine are old as F but they still work and when they stop then i will get a new pair since I have not done more than trim goat whiskers and bridle path this year HA). I like your green pair better than black though 🙂

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