Rinse & Repeat: Lesson Update

It’s been a while since I’ve posted any video. When we moved to the new barn at the beginning of March we had to take a few steps back to focus on a few weak spots in our training. I didn’t put much effort into getting video, because it just plain wasn’t very exciting. Now that we are getting going a bit more, I’m excited to share some video.


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Perfect Evenings & a Lesson Update

Now that spring has come to Texas (mostly), we Texans have been lucky enough to enjoy some truly gorgeous evenings. Dare I say, perfect evenings. The kind where the temperature is just cool enough to prevent sweating, but not so cool to cause you to reach for a light weight jacket.You literally have no concerns about being hot or cold. There is a light breeze that moves the fresh air and keeps it from feeling stagnant. The bugs aren’t in full effect yet, so even though they are starting to realize it’s spring too, they aren’t a nuisance yet. The best part about perfect evenings? The soft, golden light. It highlights everything it touches with a heavenly luminescence. I’ll move on now, because I am far from a poet! You get the gist of it.




Unfortunately, last Saturday Texas forget it was spring and at the peak of the day it “felt like” 35 degrees in Dallas. So rude, just so so rude. I had a lesson scheduled for 2 pm on Saturday, and like a¬† crazy person I didn’t reschedule it. I’m glad I didn’t too, because it was a fantastic ride!


perfect evenings hunky hanoverian
Apparently I didn’t ride Rio hard enough during our hack last night, because he still had the zoomies post-ride!


Even though it was as cold as a witch’s tit (one of my very elderly patients used this phrase recently and I am enamored with it), Rio was super well behaved. He, of course, came out to the ring very frisky, but Stacie put us right to work cantering on a 20 M circle until the hamster in his brain calmed down and started to focus. Thankfully, Rio is a naturally calm soul, so it only took about 10 circles each direction until he was as calm as cucumber despite the 40 degree drop in temp in 24 hrs.


Maybe we over did the “hunter chunk”? LOL


During the lesson we continued to focus on NOT taking the long spot, even though that is the exponentially easier option. Stacie pointed out that Rio’s weakness is his right side (nothing new there!) and emphasized the need to continue to build up muscle by jumping from the base so that Rio will be able to jump stronger/straighter off of that lead (making for better jumping form). Currently, when Rio jumps verticals off the right lead he tends to not be even with his knees, and he lands more to the right.


perfect evenings hunky hanoverian


Rio also loves oxers. We are not allowed to practices oxers for the foreseeable future #sadday. Stacie explained that Rio is great at oxers because he is naturally brave and has no problems jumping “out” and over oxers. Whereas with verticals, he struggles to sit back and jump UP over the jump. Let the vertical torture begin!!!


perfect evenings hunky hanoverian
Meet Harvey, Rio’s new bestie. Harvey lives for the jumper ring with his human, Norm.


Our hack last night during the perfect weather was light and relaxed. Rio did everything I asked. He is getting muchhh better at carrying himself at the canter, and I think I am really starting to get better at remembering to let him. I look forward to Saturday’s jump lesson!


So who else is enjoying perfect evenings?!

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I Am Who I Am

I do this thing where no matter how much I like a new trainer, I doubt them quite a bit in the beginning. I don’t even realize I am doing it usually, until I get myself in trouble by NOT listening, and then I spend some time after my lesson mentally going over what happened. This is who I am, and I simply can’t help it.


hunky hanoverian
Texas has been having some stunning evenings this week


So how did I doubt this time?

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Riding Spanish Horses in the Spanish Countryside

Every time I visit a country I also make a point to do some kind of riding tour. Don’t get me wrong, I realize that some of these things can be pretty touristy and a but if a let down for experienced riders, but I do my best to read reviews and find the best option possible. Mostly, I just like to see what it’s like in other countries. I have so far ridden horses in 3 different parts of Mexico (Cabo, Cancun, ad Puerto Vallarta), Jamaica, and in Morocco (last time I went, 3 years ago). The riding experience in Morocco was terrifying to say the least, I am pretty sure those horses had maybe 15 rides under saddle. MAYBE. Obviously, I was not going to miss an opportunity to see what riding Spanish horses was like, so I googled around and made the appropriate arrangements.


riding Spanish horses


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Spanish Tack Shop Adventure

While on my vacay, I was secretly plotting to go to a Spanish tack shop. I say secretly plotting, because I knew if I made it a ‘big deal’ and tried to place a heavy focus on going to one, my dear sweet hubby would balk. After all, this was our vacation, and not supposed to be horsey centered. He had already agreed to let me book a riding tour in the Andalusian country side, so I didn’t want to push my luck.



But, this didn’t stop me from googling tack shops in each city we visited. Our longest stay in was in Seville (3 nights). I discovered that there was a smallish but totally adorable looking tack shop about a 15 minute walk from our hotel, right next to the bull fighting ring. Although I am not a fan of the Spanish tradition that is bull fighting, and it wasn’t even bull fighting season, I sneakily steered our wandering walk through the city in that general direction. We literally stumbled upon it, and I so gleefully jetted in before the hubby could stop me.

The shop was called El Molino, which translates to “The Windmill”. Ok? Unclear. Moving on.


The tall boots toward the right of the shelf are all DeNiro!


I was familiar with several brands, but some were foreign to me. The shop also had some Spanish style tack, and carriage driving stuff. There was also Anky and Horze brand products, as well as some Veredus carbon front boots that I almost come home with because they were a solid $80 cheaper then in the US.




I didn’t pay too close attention to the saddles, but they predominately looked fairly low-end. I was surprised to see several Bates brand saddles. The bridles looked pretty nice, but they were up high on the walls, and since I knew I wasn’t going to buy one I didn’t want to make a fuss about getting them down.




Let’s be real- I do not NEED anything horse related. BUT- I really wanted something to remember the trip by, so what better then a new pair of breeches? They had several different styles of well priced Harcour breeches, so I decided to try some on. At this point, Hubby knew that resistance was futile, and he stood outside the dressing room with credit card in hand. I did mention he is the BEST, right?



Thankfully, I snapped a pic of the breeches I bought at the hotel our last night in Spain to send to a friend, as it is the only memento I ended up with. After this, tragedy struck. The breeches didn’t make it back to the US with me. When I got home, I noticed that my luggage was noticeable disheveled, like it had been searched. There was no note in there from customs, which is customary when they search your luggage for whatever reason. I was perplexed, but didn’t think much of it.


The next day I had a lesson, so I went to grab my new breeches, and I that is when I realized they weren’t there. Anywhere. Could I have left them in the hotel? We packed everything the night before, and both the hubby and I were super methodical and packed up everything neatly while wide awake and not in a rush. We also both double check hotel rooms when we leave to make sure nothing is left behind, which we did in the morning. The hubby emailed the Hilton right away to see if anything was found in the room, and they said no.


Me. Mourning the loss of my breeches.


The breeches were in the tack shop shopping bag in my suitcase with the tags still attached, clearly showing the price (approx $120 USD). Unfortunately, I am afraid they were swiped at the airport, of which we were at about 3 hours before our flight. Maybe I am wrong, and they somehow got left at the hotel and weren’t turned in, but I also know that my bag had clearly been hastily rummaged through. I am disappointed¬† for sure, but unfortunately there is nothing to do about it.


Next time we go to Europe, I am going to make a bigger effort to find an awesome tack shop, and bring a shopping list!


My old Antares is out on trial this week, and I have decided that if it sells I mayyyy treat myself to a new pair of breeches to help soften the blow ;).





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Riding Hunters: When Karma is Real

  1. Riding Hunters: When Karma is Real


I am so happy to be home from my trip and riding again! I will be posting some about a few of the things I did in Spain (riding an Andalusian and going to a tack shop), but I first want to write about the 2 lessons I’ve had since I got home while they are fresh in my brain. Hint: The theme is that riding hunters is hard.


Rio is living the life in a lush green pasture with an adorable donkey friend.


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Voltaire Design Giveaway WINNER

Voltaire Design Giveaway WINNER


Hello everyone! I am officially back from my 2 week vacay in Morocco and Spain. I totally planned to do a blog post today to start getting caught up after my long break, but I have been spending all afternoon working on the Voltaire Design Giveaway entries instead, sorry! Promising people an extra entry for reposting the contest on instagram was actually a huge PIA lol! I had to check every single entrant’s insta individually to see who reposted so I could give then an extra entry. Talk about time consuming!!!

Remind me, what is the winner getting?


A totally amazing Voltaire Swag bag!!!

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Lesson Update: Basics are Hard

I know, I know. It’s been ages since I have done a lesson update! With the move to the new barn at the beginning of March, I’ve been settling in and getting used to things. Now that I have 4 lessons under my belt, I’m ready to start putting my thoughts down.


Votaire design Palm Beach
Pics of me in my new Palm Beach, what do y’all think about how it fits me?
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Blog Hop: 30 Things About Me

So I didn’t think I was going to do this blog hop (simply because I don’t think my non-horse life is that interesting), but I have SO enjoyed reading everyone else’s, and I really feel like it has helped me get to know my fellow bloggers, so now I am going to do it. It is also 11 pm and I am back at work after already working a full shift today, because my co-worker is sick and had to go home. So… I’ve got some time on my hands at the moment! I believe this was started by May As Well Event, but I have read many others as well, including Liz at In Omnia Paratus, and Michelle at Fat Buckskin Little Suit just to name a few.


  1. I work in healthcare at an awesome university hospital. This is obviously on the mind, seeing as I am at work right now! I’m a sonographer (ultrasound tech) and there is WAY more to the job then most people think. No, I do not look at cute babies all day (but sometimes I do!). Healthcare has always been my calling, and I am very lucky to say that I love my job.


UTSW ultrasound iniversity hospital vascular
Yes this is me. I’m scanning behind his knee, so get your mind out of the gutter right now!!!
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