Shift in Focus

I recently promised on my instagram to start blogging more, and asked for topic suggestions because I’m truly curious what people are actually interested in reading about. Lindsay M wanted to hear more about the the transition from being a show-focused rider to having Rio at home with me. She’s currently going through a similar process of redefining her horsey identity as well, and this topic really spoke to me.

Our last show before his injury 10/2019, photo credit: Jamie Brogdon

If you are new to my blog, I used to blog really consistently for 2+ years. I wrote about 3-4 times a week about every ride/lesson/horse show. All of this is to say, that progress was really important to me. Rio was a very green 5 yrs old when I got him, and I had goals. Did we have setbacks along the way? Absolutely, but I wasn’t deterred. We bounced back every time and usually made it back into the show ring pretty quickly. I have always enjoyed competing, and it has been a pretty integral part of my riding career.

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