DIY: Tackroom on a Budget

There are several tackrooms at my barn. One for the lesson program, 2 general ones for boarders, and one was dedicated to a specific trainer and her students. Well, that trainer has since left for greener pastures, so the tackroom became available. Our program currently has the most horses/boarders, so we were lucky enough to get to take over the empty space. Problem was, the other trainer who had it before us built the whole thing- and she took it with her when she left. So we had a shell of a room, but not much else. Working on a tight budget, we were able to complete the whole project under $250, and I am pretty dang pleased with how it turned out!


Although the room was empty, it did have a linoleum type flooring, and the walls were painted. We went to Lowe’s and purchased the following supplies:


  • 1 x 6″ 8 ft sections (3) lumber to use as the anchors for hanging saddle racks: $10.12 ea ($30.36)
  • 1 x 4″ 12 ft sections (4) to use as baseboards: $9.14 ea ($36.56)
  • 1 x 12″ 8 ft sections of primed MDF boards for shelves and bridle rack (3): $16.62 ($49.86)
  • 8 ft landscape timbers (3) for the saddle racks: $3.99 ea ($11.97)
  • Eye hooks, 6 pack (2): $6.20 ($12.40)
  • Stanley tarp/rope hook (12) for attaching saddle racks: $1.48 ea ($17.76)
  • Horizontal bike hook, gray (4): $1.18 ea ($4.72)
  • Steel shelf brackets, multipack w/ 5 (2): $17.48 ea ($34.96)
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