Anhidrosis in Horses: Rio Doesn’t Sweat

Anhidrosis in horses can be a real betch. My family used to have a pony with it, and she spent the summers in a large stall (that was open to the pasture) with a misting system and multiple large industrial fans. Unfortunately, I am facing the fact that Rio also has a real problem with sweating.


anhidrosis in horses hunky hanoverian
This is me, for the rest of the summer


Last summer in Texas was fine. Hot? Yes. But it didn’t really get stupid hot until mid July, and even then I avoided the worst of it by riding in the evening at about 7:30 or so. I honestly kept thinking last summer how it wasn’t that bad. Really.


This summer? I am already dying. Rio is dying. We are are dying together. It was first noticed last summer that Rio doesn’t sweat very well, but it honestly never became a huge issue. Like I mentioned, it wasn’t too hot in Dallas for most of the summer, and I avoided the worst of it by riding as the sun was well on it’s way down. We put him on One AC and called it good.

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