Noelle Floyd Subscription Box: Inside Look

Hello fellow equestrians! At this point, I am sure many of you have heard of the Noelle Floyd subscription box designed to pamper equestrians. If you haven’t- hop on over to NF.edit now to read up on their latest offering. If you are as curious as I am, you are dying to see what is inside. You have come to the right place!

This box is a quarterly subscription service (ie you sign up and get it 4 times a year), and it costs $60 a box. NF has been very hush hush about what is going to be in the boxes- not a single product picture is shown on the website. Although many people have tried to ask, NF has essentially responded that surprises are the spice of life (my words not theirs, but you get the gist). Well, I signed up for the heck of it around late July, and my first box ( as well as the first one offered by the service) arrived yesterday. The wait was finally over and I couldn’t wait to dive in. If you follow me on IG (@hunky_hanoverian) you probably saw my story last night which featured the box it’s arrival and it’s initial unwrapping, but here is the up close and personal look with what is actually inside.


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