Product Review: Andis Clippers

This is sort of an Andis clippers product review, but also sort of a brag. Forewarning!


Clipper Model:

 Andis AGC Super 2-Speed Clippers



Purchased from SmartPak. Price is $161.45 if you get the 5% USEF discount. I paid $136.45 because SP had emailed me a $25 gift card for shipping something late in January- talk about customer service!  They also have a promotion where you get a free pair of Andis Tackmate Clippers when you buy the AGG Super 2-Speed pair. I think those sell for around $30, so not high end clippers by any standard, but still- FREE.


andis clippers, bodyclip, smartpak
I didn’t even realize they came with a separate pair of clippers for free, I was muy confused when I opened the box and found 2 pairs!
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