DIY: Bit Box Tutorial

DIY: Bit Box Tutorial By: Joanne Scott


Y’all.  Seriously.  This DIY: Bit Box tutorial has been in the works for DAYS… ok really, weeks.  I started it before my bout with the death flu, then the monsoons came and killed whatever ounce of motivation I had.  But – IMHO – it was worth the wait!


I have a few tack trunks…  My big Burlingham tack locker and the DIY rehab Warner’s trunk live at the barn… and I have a handmade tack trunk in my garage that is too sentimental for barn life… plus a few Rubbermaid totes and a Stanley-type trunk that also reside in the garage.  Alas, with all of these options, I didn’t have a practical way to store bits.


Since entering DQ-land, I haven’t had the need for my variety of hunter bits but I refuse to get rid of any of them.  They were stored in an old shopping bag in the back of my SUV… because you never know when a DQ will want to switch from a loose ring French link to a… Waterford?  Elevator?  Ha!  Enter my “bit box.”

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