Pre-Show Ponderings: Waco H/J Show

I don’t really have too much to write about right now (no new lesson updates) and my brain keeps pinging around thinking about the impending Waco H/J Show (Waco Week 2) so I decided to write about it to help organize my own thoughts.


More photos from various photographers from the workshop I did at the end of April are slowly trickling in. I love this one!


Rio will head to the show on Monday, and I’m headed down to Waco on Tuesday night after work. The show officially starts on Wednesday, so I get to be there for the whole thing this time (I missed the first day at the Ft. Worth show). It means I’m using 3 days of PTO, but… worth it!


I love showing at the Heart O’ Texas Coliseum in Waco for a few reasons:


Baylor University Waco H/J Show


A) I went to Baylor University (also located in Waco) so the town is full of wonderful memories for me, and I love going to old haunts and favorite restaurants.

B) The two main rings (jumper ring and hunter ring) are indoors with A/C. That is pretty much the only way showing in Texas in the summer is bearable. The stalls aren’t A/C’ed but they facility provides lots of Port-a-coolers which help significantly.

C) There is a pretty ok amount of grass right outside where the stalls are for hand grazing. That was one thing I really disliked about the Ft. Worth venue- no grass anywhere!

D) My husband’s family owns a condo in Waco (all 3 brothers lived there during their time at Baylor). It saves me a TON of money not having to pay for a hotel!


The ring that holds the big hunters (i.e. 3 ft and up) is not the best ever- it’s a bit tight forĀ  a big guy like Rio, and it’s an oval, which makes getting his changes a bit trickier then if it was larger with more definite corners. Overall, I don’t mind it though. We did our first A show there in December, so I am excited to go back and feel the difference in our ride.


Waco H/J Show
Throwback to the Waco show December 2017 and Rio’s first time in the 3 ft!



  • Wednesday and Thursday Trainer Julie will ride Rio in the 3′ greens. It is on the schedule to go at the very end of the day Wednesday, which is awesome for me because I am doing my own braining this show (since I still haven’t found a money tree).
  • Friday is the Ariat Adult Medal class. Depending on how Rio does in the greens and how tired he is, I may see if I can try my hand at it.
  • Saturday and Sunday is the Adult Amateur division. I am SO GLAD it doesn’t overlap with the 3′ greens this time, and that it’s later in the week. Hopefully, I will have chilled out some by then and won’t be so nervous. I also like that on Friday Rio can either have the day off if he’s super tired, or just do one class.
  • There is also and Adult Eq flat and o/f on Sat/Sun I may consider. I usually love the more technical Eq classes. We will see how it goes, and make that decision once we get closer.


Fingers crossed for some awesome lessons this weekend, and then it’s off to the show next week! Who else is going to a show soon?

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