The Post-Junior Years: Part 1

I think that all juniors that are reaching the end of their junior careers begin to worry about the future at some point, and not necessarily the educational one. What happens when you age out of the juniors? You know, the dreaded post-junior years?  When you leave for college? When your equestrian life is basically over for the foreseeable future, how do you deal?


I often see young riders asking for advice on how to stay involved with horses during the post-junior years, and how to afford such an expensive hobby when you are struggling just to afford food that is better then Ramen. I remember that when I was at that age (barely though, it was so long ago), that I had the exact same worries and questions.


post-junior years hunky hanoverian
Best pony and junior rider I ever got the chance to work with. You can barely see Tinkerbell underneath all of her ribbons!
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